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Mar 6, 2013 12:53 PM

Portland Eats

Going to be in Portland for 2 nights next month for an anniversary escape from the kids. My plan was to make reservations at Fore St. since I've heard good things. Is this still the place to go? I've been reading some other threads and checking the menus at various places. So many options. What you you do with 2 nights in Portland? I haven't been back in at least 5 years.

I'd like to hit Novare Res for some beers and maybe lunch or bar snacks. Also wanted to check out Duckfat for a lunch.

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  1. 555 is one of the best in town and we feel it beats Fore St.
    Another excellent choice is David's 388 in Cape Elizabeth about 5 miles from Portland.

    1. People, both locals and those from away, seem to love Fore St. I have friends who go there on the anniversary of their anniversary once a month--
      For an anniversary celebration I prefer Bresca, Bar Lola, or Miyake.

      Novare is great for beers, but the food is mostly serviceable sandwiches and cheese plates--grab a beer there then head to Eventide or Duckfat to eat. Or Sonny's.

      Good choices for lunch or otherwise are LFK (lunch on the weekends only)or Pai Men Miyake.

      Also, try beers from Oxbow and Bunker Brewing!

      1. Thanks for the input. Based on discussions here and reviews on Yelp, the same places keep coming up - 555, Bresca, Miyake, Fore St, Street & Co, etc.

        Hard to make a decision with such a short stay. Maybe I can squeeze out one more night. I figured Novare Res would be a bar snack and beer place (cheese and a cured meat or something). Beer is not my wife's thing, but Eventide seems right up here alley. Thanks for the suggestion. Sushi is always a big hit, so might need to investigate Miyake some more.

        Since we are coming mid-week during the off-season for tourists, maybe we will just wing it. I'd like to make at least one dinner reservation.

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          If you like your sushi, Miyake can hang with just about any big city experience. I'd go with the 7 course omakase. Not cheap but you'd pay at least twice the money in NY or LA.
          Nuvare is a must for someone into beer. I like their food but if I was limited in my meals I would forgo eating there and head over to Eventide and/or Duckfat for lunch. Duckfat - poutine, yum. Eventide, fried oyster bun, raw oysters. You can't go wrong with any of the places you mentioned. 555 is in the Arts District - 10 minute walk froth Old Port where the other places are located.