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Mar 6, 2013 11:48 AM

dinner near Palau de la Musica

Are there any great places for an earlier meal before an evening performance?

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  1. Very near to the Palau is one of my favourite italian places in town 'Le Cucine Mandarosso', really good and affordable pasta dishes with an impressive selection of homemade desserts.

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      I second Le Cucine Mandarosso. It's really a lovely place and the desserts are amazing.

      If you want something more local and upscale, there's the one Michelin starred Sauc in the Ohla hotel.

      1. re: SnackHappy

        We have reservations at Cinc Sentits - and feel that Sauc might be overload for us two days in a row. As for the pasta suggestion, we will be off to Rome for a few nights - so I am hoping to find some more local food for the area.

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          So a good choice would be the gastrobar at the same Ohla hotel (street level). Good tapas and platillos seating at the bar. Bar del Pla is also an excellent option for a more casual atmosphere and good quality products.

    2. Nearby is a good tapas bar, El Bixto. Also Cuines Santa Caterina. You are a 5 minute walk to El Born where there are plenty of options for tapas/pintxos. I would do Bar del Pla.

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        PBSF - thanks for the suggestions - I have only read about El Bixto thus far, and it sounds great and so close by - which is great as we will be struggling with jet lag. I am wondering, tho, because I read some reviews stating that it doesn't have a kitchen and most things are either cold or microwaved? Can you explain more?

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          El Bixto does not do any cooking during service. Most of the food is served room temperature plus a few warmed in the microwave. Much of it is quite good. If you want more hot options, try the tapas at Bar del Pla. It is just a few minute walk. There is a restaurant and a tapas bar at Mercat de Santa Caterina. The tapas bar is opened until 11:30 and past midnight on weekends. Or cross via Laietana to Bilbao Berria on Placa Nova (next to the Catedral). Another branch on the beginning of c/Argenteria in El Born.

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            I know we will be dragging as we will have arrived that morning. Hoping to stay awake for the concert! I think we will try Bar del Pla. I read great things about it - thanks for the suggestion. Is it far from the Hall? I'd better not drink too much great wine with dinner or, for sure, I will fall asleep! lol
            Everything that I read about El Bixto was great as well - but I think we will be looking for more substantial hot stuff - so Bar del Pla will fit the bill perfectly! Thanks! I will be reporting back! Any great recs there?

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              Bar del Pla is less than a 10 minute walk from the Palau de la Musica. Walk down via Laietana to c/Princesa, left on Princesa and walk to c/Montcada. Make a left and it is right there. That part of Barcelona (la Ribera/el Born) is very compact. It has probably the most concentration of informal eating places in Barcelona. It is one of the best strolling area/people watching in centro.
              By the way, the Palau has a wonderful cafe; open late.

      2. Bar del Pla is very near. Great and delicious tapas, as well.

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          Thanks! We have just returned, and I will try to post some feedback from our experience. Bar del Pla was on our map as the place we would have gone to, however, we never made it. We had eaten a late lunch, our first in Barcelona, having just arrived that day, went to Tapas24 - and really pigged out! :)
          ABSOLUTELY loved Barcelona.... the food....the wine.... the people. More at another time.