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Mar 6, 2013 11:15 AM

Lunch menu suggestions

I’m hosting some casual lunches for six hungry adults. Due to various restrictions, I’m looking for menus that:
1) Can be mostly made a day ahead and aren’t too complicated/fussy
2) Can be free of gluten and peppers
3) Is low in fat and simple carbs
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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  1. That's a tall order! Maybe some whole-grain salads? Such as a wheatberry salad? Marinated vegetables?

    EDIT: Oops, just saw the gluten-free part - skip the wheatberries; maybe another gluten-free whole grain?

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      Thanks for the good ideas, everyone. Helpful!

    2. How about a salad with a protein--chicken Caesar, steak with arugula, tuna with white beans. You could also consider vegetable soups including beans and cabbage.

      1. -Fruit plate
        -Soup and salad combo - I think a nice pureed roast squash soup, with a side salad would be nice, in particular. Maybe serve with rice crackers?
        -A finely chopped chicken salad to spread on rice cakes or gluten-free crackers?

        The no-peppers is a killer for me to be honest. I can cut out gluten, meat, lactose, whatever - but peppers? Eek.

        1. Salmon loaf with a side salad; chile; fish tacos; moussaka.

          1. grilled or poached salmon (can be made one day in advance and served cold or room temperature), Caesar or green salad, pilaf of brown rice and/or quinoa made with various vegetables (onions, mushrooms, diced carrots, etc.) tossed in a lemony vinaigrette.

            I'm not sure if this is an issue of simple carbs, but another option for an all-in-one might be
            roasted acorn squash filled with a black bean-tomato-corn (or brown rice) salad that had been tossed in a rice vinegar. I've seen similar with baked sweet potato and a black bean topping seasoned with spices like cumin. But, I'm not sure about the simple carb aspect of these dishes.

            Or soup and salad - say, a green salad and a bowl of lentil soup.

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              Do you have a good recipe for that stuffed squash? Sounds tasty.

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                I honestly can't remember where I found the recipe - I made it once a few years ago for a friend who was both vegetarian and Type 1 diabetic. I'll give a look through some of my cookbooks to see if I can find it; if I don't come back with it, it means I couldn't locate the recipe.

                However, this black bean and rice salad is pretty good, and I'm sure you can omit the pepper without a problem. Just make the salad, cut the squash in half and roast as you normall would, and combine (perhaps warm the salad slightly before adding to the squash):

                I haven't made this one yet (it's been bookmarked for a while), but it looks pretty good, too.

                I haven't made this one yet, either, but it's definitely one I hope to make at some point. For this one, also, you can substitute a roasted acorn squash for the sweet potato.