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Hummus - how to add taste/flavour

So I bought a different brand of hummus than usual, and it has absolutely no taste. Instead of throwing it out, I wanted to see if anyone had suggestions on how to make it taste better.

I've already tried adding lemon juice to a little bit of but that just made it taste like lemon juice.


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  1. Sriracha, a little garlic, S&P come to mind (stuff I usually have on hand).

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      I've found that the ground version works very well in hummus - http://www.huyfong.com/no_frames/garl...

    2. Puree some roasted red pepper and mix it in. Or cilantro or paprika or roasted garlic or some kind of middle eastern/greek cheese. Perhaps even just olive oil to make it smoother and less dry.

      the possibilities are endless.

      Please let us know what you go with and how it works out :)

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        +1 on the roasted red pepper puree.

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          +1, and chipotle en adobo for a "kick".

      2. My first recommendation is to make your own, that way you are certain of what goes into your hummus and can be vigilant about the quality of your ingredients. Poor quality ingredients will equal a poor quality product and it sounds like your recent purchase fits that category. Sorry the lemon did not work for you. It is my favorite adition since both the juice and zest add a bright punch. Parsley is my go-to after lemon.

        1. Before you go crazy adding all sorts of extra things, you may want to try just adding a little salt. And maybe some olive oil. Also, I'm a bigger fan of lemon zest than lemon juice in this sort of thing.

            1. I use cayenne pepper--not a lot but just enough to kick up the flavor. Agree about garlic, salt, and cumin. All great options to enhance flavor.

              1. Roasted garlic (and the oil) that you can get from any olive bar, such as the one at whole foods or fresh market. Or make it yourself!

                1. Wow - thanks for all of the suggestions. I actually think I'm going to put a few tablespoons in a few different bowls and try out some of the ideas.

                  So far I've tried the smoked paprika, salt and chili flakes. Was pretty good.

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                    When I buy plain hummus from the store I tend to add more salt and some tahini (sometimes tahini isn't even in the store bought hummus ingredient list). The other flavors will enhance plain into a flavored hummus but I think tahini improves the texture and the deeper flavor of plain.

                  2. I'd use a mix of smoked paprika and cayenne.

                    1. More of the stuff that goes in to flavour it - garlic, lemon,oil, tahini. Any or all.