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Mar 6, 2013 08:08 AM

Favorite Date Spot

Mom of two little ones, heading out with the hubby on Saturday night. My knowledge of the current restaurant scene is severely lacking these days. Recommendations for a great date spot? We like everything and are partial to steak houses. Any location is fine, probably prefer downtown.

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  1. This Saturday? What time can you eat?

    I assume you're paying a babysitter and earlier is preferable to later?

    You'll probably need a reservation as opposed to waiting?

    What's your budget per person, just for food (excluding tax, tip, wine/drinks)?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Probably trying to get a 7pm reservation. We don't mind waiting a little bit if we can't get a reservation. No budget in particular. We haven't been out in a while, so we wouldn't mind living it up. We haven't been to the Standard Grill, or people have recently recommended Mas La Grillade.

      1. re: mawnyc521

        Mas La Grillade is a nice place. You might also consider Perla, Louro, Il Buco Alimentari, Le Philosophe, Acme, or The Marrow, which shouldn't be too crowded before 7:00 pm.

        For steak, Minetta Tavern.

        1. re: Scott_C

          Scott, these are all excellent which to choose.....