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Mar 6, 2013 07:46 AM

gluten-free DC / Arlington / Bethesda / Rockville

I have Celiac disease and will be in the DC area for work for much of the next several months. I'll be in Crystal City for 3 weeks and Rockville/Bethesda for 3 weeks.

Does anyone have any ideas for gluten-free dining in the area? Because I'll be there for so long, I'm mostly looking for basic, casual restaurants, takeout/delivery, etc. Places I can sit at the bar or eat solo would also be great. These don't necessarily have to be places that specifically cater to gluten-free patrons -- I'm happy to go to sushi restaurants (and bring my own GF soy sauce), and places that have great entree salads and other 'naturally' GF entrees.

I won't have a car, so places close to the metro are preferred. I'm planning on occasionally traveling into the city in the evenings to meet up with friends, so that is fair game too.

Thank you for any guidance.

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  1. Dino and Town Hall have gluten free marked on their menu. Dino is on Metro Red Line, Town Hall is not. Both have gluten free beers.

    1. Do a search since this comes up often but I know that Firefly has a special gluten-free menu. Lincoln and The Hamilton might also be good options.

      1. Crystal City has somewhat limited dining options, regardless of whether you are gluten free or not. There is an Ethopian place that I have heard has injera made from 100% buckwheat - - I am not sure about that, though, so you should probably check with the restaurant before you go. (I have eaten there, and the food is good.) We recently got non gluten free pizza (for a work event) from I placed the order, and the person answering the phone said that they had a gluten free crust. I didn't eat any of it, but my coworkers liked it.

        If you take the metro to Rosslyn, there is z-pizza, which has gluten free pizza. Rays to the Third has lots of entrees that should be gluten free. There is also a pho place, Pho 75, nearby. In Clarendon, there are a couple of Vietnamese places. The waitstaff at the one that I go to, Minh's, was familiar enough with the needs of GF diners to assure me that the spring rolls were gluten free (when I asked if they had wheat; I recently discovered that I was gluten intolerant). Nam Viet also gets great reviews from many.

        Near Crystal City, but not near the metro, is the Happy Tart bakery - . It is 100% gluten free, and good, period, not just good for gluten free. According to google, it is 2.6 miles from the Crystal CIty metro, and there is a bus that goes there.

        The restaurant Lilit Cafe in Bethesda gets good reviews from gluten free bloggers (I have never tried it.)

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        1. From the Bethesda Metro Station, you can walk to Black's Bar & Kitchen. You can order the market fish or other items from the "grill" portion of the menu. Sides are ordered a la carte. They also have a great oyster happy hour and nice bar scene. Black's is a weeknight go-to for me. Pretty easy to go gluten-free here while still getting some solidly good food.

          From the Rockville Metro Station, you can walk to Rockville Town Center which has Sushi Damo (decent), and Carbon Peruvian Chicken Grille (pretty good).

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          1. I didn't see Jaleo mentioned below. It is in Crystal City very very easy for gluten free and good. Depending on your taste, if you are a steak person Ray's the Steaks in Courthouse isn't too far away. There isn't a huge amount in Crystal City itself. If I remember correctly Lebanese Taverna also has gf menu. There is also a Cava in Clarendon. Minh's for Vietnamese.

            In Bethesda- Passage to India has really good Indian and I am sure could accomodate. All the Black restaurant group restaurants are good at accommodating (better with a heads up call but good none the less). Dino as mentioned is great. Chipotle for quick, Raku has great sushi, Mussel Bar, Sweetgreen, Grapeseed, Moby Dick, Cava Mezze, Nando's.

            Lots of other options in DC- all the Jose Andres places are good options.

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              Lebanese Taverna is at Pentagon Row, a development near the Pentagon City metro stop (walkable from Crystal City, or one stop on the Metro). There is also a Nando's there (and a place called Naked Pizza that has GF pizza; never tried it):

              Also in Rosslyn is (and several locations in DC). Fast casual Mediterranean; has GF options including GF pita. Haven't been to them since I went GF, so I can't vouch for the pita, but like what I have had. If you are from the Middle East, you may not be satisfied by them, but I think they are good for what they are.

              Ray's the Steaks and Rays to the Third are under the same ownership, and there is a lot of overlap on their menus:

              There is a Chipotle in Crystal City.