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Mar 6, 2013 07:39 AM

gluten-free boston / cambridge / somerville

I was recently diagnosed with Celiac disease (so I can't eat wheat / barley / rye), but cooking all of my meals at home isn't really an option for me. I've searched around the board a bit, but does anyone have any tips on gluten-free dining? Specifically in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Medford, etc.

I'm looking for places that specifically have a GF menu (i.e. Myers + Chang; Legal Seafoods), places that are accommodating of GF patrons (i.e. sushi places that stock GF soy sauce; Italian restaurants with GF pasta), and places that happen to offer GF options (i.e. the Painted Burro and other nicer Mexican restaurants that tend to use corn).

Any tips would be great!


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  1. Flatbread Pizza in Davis Square offers a gluten-free crust option. (It differs from their normal crust, but the option is there, and their toppings are generally quite great.)

    You may have seen it already, but this older thread might be helpful:

    1. Highland Kitchen has a gluten-free menu.

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        Do you (or anyone else) know anything about the Highland Kitchen gluten free menu? I've been there many times in my pre-GF days, and have not noticed it. The menu in general doesn't seem very GF-friendly.

      2. Scampo has a gluten-free menu as well as gluten-free pastas.

        1. Elephant Walk has a gluten-free menu.

          1. Hearthstone Pizza - several locations - has a gluten free crust.