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Mar 6, 2013 05:58 AM

Going to Dominican Republic- what to bring back?

I am going with the family to the Samana coast in 3 weeks (yay!) and would love suggestions of what food items to bring back, and the best brands. Any help would be much appreciated! Gracias!

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  1. DR is best known for it's rum. Check first what rums you can buy in Canada, and get something else in DR.

    1. My wife has family in the DR, and I usually bring back small bottles of Barcelo and Brugal rum to give as gifts to friends and coworkers. I also have a bottle of Bermudez that my wife's family sent back to me one year when I couldn't go. But I just did a quick search and found this page. It lists some of the more expensive brands/bottles.

      If you know anyone who smokes cigars, try to pick some of those up as well. Everyone thinks Cuban cigars are the best, but the Dominicans make some good ones too (and you can bring them into the US with no problems). Not a food item, but worth mentioning.

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        I agree that DR cigars rival or exceed Cubans, e.g. the Davidoff brand, but the OP is in Canada with easy access to both.

        1. re: Veggo

          Thanks Veggo- true, I am from Canada, and can buy the cigars there, but WOW what a price difference! And for the record, the small bottles of Brugal are what I will be bringing home (along with pure Vanilla). :)

        2. re: Philly Ray

          Thanks for the specific suggestions Philly Ray- I know there will be friends happy to get a bottle of rum on my return! Cheers

        3. ew. Maybe not dominican Vanilla- glad I did some research!