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Mar 6, 2013 05:33 AM

What you do eat when your sick?

Me, I have homemade soups and tea with lots of ginger and lemon to soothe my throat and clear my sinuses. Today I made a beef broth soup with lemon juice, a an egg, lots of grated ginger and garlic, dried mushrooms and a packet of ramen noodles it feels really good.

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  1. Nothing beats Campbell's chicken noodle soup. Full of sodium, but oh so satisfying. lol!!

    I like Ramen too. Only the chicken flavor though.

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    1. Toast, dry.
      Cheerios, dry.
      Trader Joe's lemon ginger echinacea juice, diluted by half with water and heated up with a few extra squirts of lemon.

      1. Doctored up ramen, ice cream. And if the sickness is not in my tummy (like a cold) rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes from the grocery deli often hits the spot.
        And lots and lots of oranges. Just to get all that vitamin C.

        1. It depends. A sore throat usually means soup or scrambled eggs.

          If it's nausea-inducing sickness? Usually just toast with a thin schmear of raspberry preserves to see if I can keep it down. And flat ginger ale.

          1. Lately I have been leaning heavily toward hot and sour soup, miso, and yes, good old chicken soup.