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What you do eat when your sick?

Me, I have homemade soups and tea with lots of ginger and lemon to soothe my throat and clear my sinuses. Today I made a beef broth soup with lemon juice, a an egg, lots of grated ginger and garlic, dried mushrooms and a packet of ramen noodles it feels really good.

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  1. Nothing beats Campbell's chicken noodle soup. Full of sodium, but oh so satisfying. lol!!

    I like Ramen too. Only the chicken flavor though.

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      Ditto on Campbell's chicken noodle.

    2. Toast, dry.
      Cheerios, dry.
      Trader Joe's lemon ginger echinacea juice, diluted by half with water and heated up with a few extra squirts of lemon.

      1. Doctored up ramen, ice cream. And if the sickness is not in my tummy (like a cold) rotisserie chicken and mashed potatoes from the grocery deli often hits the spot.
        And lots and lots of oranges. Just to get all that vitamin C.

        1. It depends. A sore throat usually means soup or scrambled eggs.

          If it's nausea-inducing sickness? Usually just toast with a thin schmear of raspberry preserves to see if I can keep it down. And flat ginger ale.

          1. Lately I have been leaning heavily toward hot and sour soup, miso, and yes, good old chicken soup.

            1. A hot shredded wheat biscuit with butter and a fried egg on top.

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                Shredded wheat like the cereal? How do you heat it up? That combo sounds good.

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                  you pour boiling water over it

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                    Yep. A comfort food from when I was a kid. I just put the biscuit on a big slotted spoon and dip into the boiling water until it's soft. Drain, add butter and plop an over easy egg on top.

              2. I prefer Campbell's Tomato soup, preferably with a toasted cheese sandwich. This is virtually the only time I eat Campbell's tomato soup. I prefer Tomato Bisque, but will eat regular tomato.

                1. creamy scrambled eggs that have been cooked low and slow with dry toast on the side, or oriental ramen noodles (has to be the oriental flavor)

                  1. I had the flu for two weeks, which made me cough all the time and feel delirious. All I wanted to eat were canned soup (Progresso, mostly split pea and different versions of chicken soup) and Haagen-Dazs Strawberry ice cream.

                    I haven't had canned soup since the 1980s. It wasn't that bad.

                    Oh, and for a while, lemon and honey for my throat (honey doesn't taste as good, though, as it did when I was a kid).

                    1. +1 on Top Ramen, chix, pork, or Oriental flavors. Also any kind of jook, or congee. Flat ginger ale to sip.

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                        Second the jook! Thanks for the reminder, I am going to make some tonight.

                      2. not much.

                        Hot tea; chicken soup (canned is fine, I'm too sick to make any), dry toast, applesauce, maybe a banana. and always Diet Coke and Crystal Lite (Raspberry Ice)

                        1. McDonald's chicken mc nugget meal. Seriously. I love it when I'm sick, maybe it's the saltiness. I had a lung infection last summer and I made my SO go to McDonald's at least 3 times that week.

                          Also I love simple toast with butter and cinnamon and sugar. It's what my mom made me when I was sick when I was little.

                          If we're talking stomach flu or something like that... not interested in eating anything.

                          1. Thai Curry Chicken soup, Pho, Hot and Sour soup - all of these make me feel better. Tea with cinnamon and honey, toast with butter, oranges, sometimes a grilled cheese. If the nature of my sick feeling is alcohol related, nothing makes me feel better than a McDonald's double cheese burger.

                            1. Simple is best. Dry toast, easy-to-digest soup such as (of course) chicken noodle, Vernors ginger ale/soda, English Breakfast tea, chicken flavored ramen noodles, perhaps a hard-boiled egg.

                              When the stomach is "stable", oddly enough American goulash is very welcome to this sick person, which surprised the ever-loving crap out of me when my mother suggested it way back when. It sounded *awful* in theory (ground beef, tomatoes, onions, elbow macaroni, salt/pepper/garlic powder/sugar), but when I had it, it was absolutely wonderful, and *very* easy on my stomach. To this day, it surprises me that it's good sick food.

                              1. Pho, with buckets of Cilantro.

                                1. Like others have mentioned, toast - lightly buttered with a little bit of cinnamon and sugar. Ginger ale for stomach bugs, with saltine crackers. For the flu or a cold, spicy chicken soup with corn tortillas from my favorite taco shop.

                                  1. Invariably, either a tin of Heinz Cream of Tomato soup or, if I'm not feeling too bad, a tin of sardines, coated in flour and fried in their oil (nice slice of cheap sliced white bread is perfect with either).

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                                      Oooooo! I love sardines. I might try that.

                                    2. If I have a sore throat, then soup and lots of it - tom yum, chicken, goat, hot & sour... And herbal tea - ginger/lemon/honey. Went through a metric tonne of these in the last month.

                                      If it's nausea, then whatever I can get down without feeling worse, which usually isn't much. :(

                                      1. It depends on my sickness.

                                        For general illness, then a Beef & Barley Soup, with plenty of Triskets, would be fine.

                                        OTOH, that might be over the top, and not welcomed.

                                        I do brew several teas, but again, it depends on the sickness.


                                        1. As others have said, it depends on the sickness.

                                          Cold and similar - hot and sour soup is great (clears the sinuses), or anything with horseradish or wasabi (ditto) or just good chicken soup (given that I live in NYC, I would order in from a deli).

                                          Stomach/nausea etc - very little. Ginger ale (I only drink soda when I am ill). Maybe some plain broth or some toast.

                                          1. When I'm dealing with flu/head cold/sinus infection then I usually find my taste buds dulled to the point of only really tasting things that are very salty or very sweet.

                                            This results in Chinese takeaway soups and lots of sweet tea.

                                            1. I had the flu over two years ago. One day it was good Texas BBQ, the other pizza from two cousins from Queens. I washed them down with a couple glasses of wine and back to bed.

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                                              1. re: James Cristinian

                                                I had the flu over two days ago. Om yourself.

                                                1. re: Jay F

                                                  My computer freaked out midway through the post and posted jibberish. Please reread,

                                                  1. re: James Cristinian

                                                    It's different, but it doesn't make any sense.

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                                                        This part: " One day it was good Texas BBQ, the other pizza from two cousins from Queens. I washed them down with a couple glasses of wine and back to bed." How is that flu?

                                                        1. re: Jay F

                                                          It's the flu because I had a 102ish fever for four days, thank you doctor. I get weird cravings when I get really sick, grabbed some good grub, vino, and crawled back into bed. Now, before you argue what is 102ish, 101.5 during the day, and 102.5 at night, slightly before a recommended trip to the ER.

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                                                    I had the flu for the first time in my life this year and it was misery, defined. Hope you are feeling better, Jay F.

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                                                      Thanks, omy. I'm still coughing, but I'm okay outside a little.

                                                2. Homemade chicken soup, then to sleep!

                                                  1. It depends. If I have a respiratory ailment, I'll probably go for spicy soup. Pork in red chile, Sriracha tamarind soup with pork ribs, hot and sour are all fall backs. Having had the flu and several colds this season, I am ready to branch out!

                                                    If I just have a stomach ailment, I usually need something starchy. Plain rice or arroz caldo, yogurt with toast, rice or eggs, maybe just fiber crackers with Marmite and a bit of cottage cheese.

                                                    And if there are no antibiotics involved, I can always hope a G&T has enough quinine to beat something.

                                                    1. It depends on a lot on what I'm sick with. I'm actually currently at the tail end of a cold which seems to consist of coughing, a stuffy nose, and rather a lot of dryness in my nose and throat. So congee, ice cream, v8 juice (they do recommend gargling salt water, so I guess it makes sense that this feels good...) have been staples. I have to be careful to avoid stratchy foods right now (oats, sadly, aren't so great at the moment). Oh, and putting about a tablespoon of Nin Jiom Pa Pei Koa into hot water is magical. It's like a cough drop tea, with the mentholy steam as an added sinus clearing bonus.

                                                      Say, stomach flu, on the other hand, mostly involves not eating.

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                                                        Just got over the stomach flu. When I could finally eat somethig the only thing I wanted for days was toast , lightly buttered w sugar and cinmmon. G'ale was toooooo sweet. Was tough to keep up my hydration

                                                      2. I am impressed that people have an appetite when they are ill. I cannot eat if I am ill. I pop promethazine so I can keep fluids down.

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                                                          I didn't really have an appetite. It was more, "Oh, I should eat. I haven't done that in awhile. Let's see...what can I tolerate?" And the answer kept being soup or ice cream (I switched over to frozen fruit bars at some point).

                                                          Oh, and lots of tea.

                                                          1. re: Jay F

                                                            Frozen fruit bars sound perfect.

                                                          2. re: Lillipop

                                                            You have my diet down perfectly. That is all I want when i am sick. And a perfectly quiet, dark room

                                                          3. If I get sick, I eat, and I eat hard. If I get a chest cold, I'm gonna put down a steak and a potato and a few martinis - hell, maybe ever a few glasses of wine. Gimme a burger and a half a pizza. I've even fried a bunch of chicken once when I was quite peakish.

                                                            My Grandmother was the one who espoused the notion that sick people need to eat - "more they eat, the faster they get good". Always worked for me. Even with a stomach flu (which I haven't had in too many years to count), I would make myself eat as much of whatever substantial food that might interest me. If I puke I puke, but if I can hold it down, I'm gonna be well as soon as possible.

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                                                              And you should eat if you can. Some people have no appetite when they become ill.

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                                                                That was sorta the old lady's point. The less you wanted to eat, the more she'd make you. I remember her once insisting that my sick father drive over and pick her up so that she could deliver the massive platter of sauerkraut and spareribs that she had made for us. The smell of the food in the car on the trip back damned near killed us. Later, however, I put down a plate with the fresh horseradish she had also made.

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                                                                  That sauerkraut and pork ribs with fresh horse radish is my kind of dish.I am not eating meats right now but anything with sauerkraut or horseradish is pure pleasure in my book. Lucky you to have a mom who could cook like that.Mine could too:)

                                                            2. depend on the type of illness

                                                              Cold/flu? soup, preferably spicy and asian in flavor, maybe with a dumpling too. spicy thai rice or sichuan noodle dishes. lemon/ginger tea, lots of it.

                                                              Stomach bug/nausea? dry toast, saltines, ginger tea, Schweppes ginger ale, as I feel better the toast might get some butter, clear soups.

                                                              Migraine/severe headache? nothing really except maybe something with caffeine

                                                              Hangover? steak and cheese sub with fries, big greasy burger and fries. sausage/egg/cheese biscuit

                                                              1. My recent concoction is good strong home made chicken or turkey broth, with LOTS of fresh squeezed lemon, ginger and cayenne pepper. Serve very hot.

                                                                1. Am just getting over a stomach virus. What I've eaten? Lots of crackers. Some mac and cheese that didn't sit well. Back to crackers. Had chicken noodle soup (canned - Progresso) but didn't interest me.

                                                                  So I can say - I eat almost nothing. A cold would be a different story. Lots of soup.

                                                                  1. Tea and toast, maybe a little jam.

                                                                    1. For a cold with or without a sore throat:

                                                                      - green tea w lemon, ginger and honey
                                                                      - hot & spicy food - likely Sichuan
                                                                      - Liptons Chicken Noodle Soup (the only one that will do)

                                                                      For stomach ailments:

                                                                      - potatoes (normally I'm not a big fan of potatoes but for some reason, if I'm ill, they really appeal to me) baked potatoes is a first choice but as I start feeling better, like a poster below, I crave fries...something I rarely eat otherwise
                                                                      - salt and salty things (again, I don't normally salt my finished meals but if I'm ill, I crave salt
                                                                      -saltines (see above)
                                                                      - tea and plain white toast if I'm really feeling ill
                                                                      - steamed basmati rice
                                                                      - I tried congee for the first time this week and I'm fairly confident I'll crave that the next time I'm ill....it was really comforting

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                                                                      1. re: Breadcrumbs

                                                                        I'm with you on the salt-- in general I have a very low salt threshold, but when I am sick, I want much more salt than I can usually tolerate. Pretzels taste especially good.