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Mar 6, 2013 04:48 AM

What is your favorite Crave cupcake? What "Texan" or locally made grocery store products would you recommend to an out-of-towner?

I'm coming back to Houston and am craving a Crave cupcake or two. What are your favorite flavor combinations? What is the best time to go to Crave?

Also, I am traveling from DC (via plane), and want to know if you are aware of any grocery store items that are readily available there in Houston, but wouldn't be easily found (if at all) here in DC (that I can bring back in my luggage without hassle). That is rather a specific question, but I thought I'd ask. Maybe I should ask what are some "Texan" or local products that are in the grocery store that I should buy.

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  1. Dulce de Leche is my favorite at Crave, so Thursday would be my day of choice.

    Seems like most items are available nationwide, but I always have to have Mexican vanilla in my pantry and Cajun Chef hot sauce.

    1. head to Central Market (HEB) and Fiesta and scan the shelves.. Lots of "home grown" salsa and goodies from austin, san antonio, houston.. btw, the cupcakes from Central Mrkt are terrific! 6 for under $5!

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        six for under $5 -- holy smoke!

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          Yes, they are in the bakery cooler.. Let em stand to room temperature and that buttermilk icing and moist cake will seduce you into submission!

      2. I personally do not like crave but then again I don't really too much icing.

        I agree with going to Central Market. One of the best Hot Sauces is made in Katy by Wrights. Their green habanero hot sauce is great. Very hot but cool at the same time as it also has cucumbers in it. It is refrigerated.

        1. My absolute favorite Crave cupcake is a seasonal one they did last year around this time--lemon coconut. I just checked their website and it doesn't indicate they're doing it this year (although apparently they are doing a limited run of Kahlua & cream cupcakes). Apart from that, I'm a big fan of the regular coconut cupcake and the strawberry cupcake.

          I don't have much advice on the Texas products but agree with the Central Market rec.

          1. kahllua and cream cupcake was superb. well-balanced, not-too-sweet, smooth as silk frosting and moist cake. would get again.

            banana cupcake -- frosting way too sweet, cake tastes like a light banana bread. would not get again.

            vanilla on chocolate -- seemed sweeter than i recall from last year. still good, but i wish it were less sweet.

            dark chocolate was good -- nice cake and frosting, dark but not bitter.

            but…$3.50 per cupcake is really limiting this to a crave situation. for not too much more, you can make a dozen!