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Mar 6, 2013 04:32 AM

Kimchi Soft Tofu House

I tried Korean Soft Tofu last fall at a specialist restaurant in a strip mall in Irving CA. It was really good. So I was looking forward to trying the place that opened on Oak street, just south of the Chipotle at Oak and Washington.

We split the regular soft tofu with pork and the beef bulgogi combo last night. The meal was $15.99 and it was plenty of food for two people not out to get stuffed. The soft tofu was good. The bulgogi was just OK. I like a little more caramelization on the exterior of the beef, a little less liquid. The banchan were OK as well.

I wouldn't bother with the bulgogi, but I'd go back for more of the soft tofu. Just be careful with that soft tofu, it's molten when it comes to the table.

One more warning, Kimchi Soft Tofu House place is a specialty place. Not a general Korean restaurant. If you want 25-30 choices from a diverse menu, go to Korea Restaurant or Dong Yang. If you want the best soft tofu in town, go to Kimchi Soft Tofu house.

Oh, and it's tiny, so don't come in with a party of 40.

P.S. Anyone been to the latest Korean restaurant in the old Shilla space on Snelling in St. Paul? I thought I saw signs for a grand opening of Korean Garden Buffet. They advertise chinese food on their buffet? I usually favor specialization over diversity in offerings...

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  1. I haven't been up that way in a couple of months, but IIRC Shilla has been long gone, replaced by a couple of nominally-Korean restaurants with lousy signage that serve Chinese food and supermarket-grade sushi (not kimbap). IME the "grand opening" signs on some of these places are up for months at a time, making truly-new places harder to spot.

    I went to one of those incarnations out of novelty. Meh. Maybe it's better now, but with Sole just across the street, it wasn't worth a return trip to me.

    1. Go for it spicy at the Kimchi Tofu House and it will cure any cold you might feel coming on.

      And they make their own tofu too.

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        When the owner/chef sincerely cares what you think of his food you know it is good.

        This place is special.

      2. Is the CA place related?