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Mar 6, 2013 04:14 AM

Pata negra? *urgent

I need this for tonight! I'd like to know where to find real pata negra in Montreal. Where have you seen/purchased it?
Thanks a lot!

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  1. 2 places I've seen it :

    Hamel @ Marché Jean Talon.
    La Vieille Europe on St-Laurent.

    If they don't have some and you need a good substitute, you could try some Prosciutto from Nicola Travaglini near the Marché Jean-Talon, I think he has some good ones.

    1. Ive seen it at Hamel in atwater market, such a rip off though, I think about 35$ per 100grams. I miss that stuff but wont pay that much for it

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        Pata Negra is still mightily expensive in Spain (If memory serves me right)

        1. re: Maximilien

          If you're talking about the ham, prices for jamon iberico in Spain start around 50€ ($68) a kilo. Iberico de bellota starts around 80€ (108$) a kilo. It's not called pata negra as that is too vague a term. Libreria Espanola has the Fermin iberico de bellota. They also sell frozen meat from iberico pigs. It's all quite expensive.

      2. Fromagerie du Marche Atwater and Fromagerie Hamel at the Atwater market as well.

        1. As others, I assume you're talking about jamon Iberico.
          If its *urgent and you can't find it retail and price does not matter, Hambar has a pata negra jamon

          Of course "expensive" is an understatement

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            Does Cava still serve the stuff. Seems it was cut by hand off a bone-in ham on an actual jamonero and much cheaper.

          2. Can also get from macchi inc. including bellota. 250-300$/kg I believe.