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Mar 5, 2013 11:00 PM

Tacolicious comes to Palo Alto

The old Mantra (and before, Hirigashi West) space is now Tacolicious. The space wasn't closed that long - bringing the already refined concept from the Marina to University Ave took no translation.

Somewhere, I read "fills a great gap between Sanchos and Reposado", thus my interest in checking them out.

GF nailed the place perfectly. I brought home a pair of tacos for her, and she said "I prefer El Grullense", and she's right. The tacos have too much filling, don't have enough onions and cilantro, and "add your own" salsa works - they have good salsas - but you need to leave more room on the taco.

The meats are good but not great (compared to "Old" EG). I rather liked the Fish Taco (listed as cod, my favorite of all fried fishes). The Carnitas is on the dry side but not stringy, with only a little pork-cooked-twice taste. I did like the beef braised in guajillo, good richness from the peppers and not dry. Price is 3.95 per taco (gasp!), but 4 for 14. 4 is a large dinner for a sensible person. $14 for dinner in that part of town is very reasonable. (EG's tacos are either 1.25$ or 1.50$), but for that you get loud mexican television, a cold drafty room, formica that gets cleaned every hour whether it needs it or not.

On the very positive side, the complimentary house salsa and chips is very, very good. On the takeout order for GF, the chips had made the paper bag nearly see-through. They gave us a huge amount of salsa (about a cup?) which seems unsustainable for a $8 togo order.

The atmosphere is the thing. There's no blaring music, so you can go with a group. Lights are low, suggesting intimacy. The bar area (mantra's bar looks the same) is paired off with couples. It's really pleasant and if they've done even a little work they'll have good drinks.

Oddly, the Tacolicious web pages says "Stanford! We're not Chipotle!" which kind of says it all. If their competition is Chipotle, they've distanced themselves by the lighting and the alcohol. It is kind of like Sancho's, but with enough seating, and without burritos.

Compared to Reposado --- no comparison, except R also has bustling atmosphere. I think R is a very good restaurant, punching well above it's weight with complex dishes like mole in the last visit - and I am very skeptical about mole.

At best Tacolicious is a place to suggest if you want to have a drink or two, with a taco added. It's a step down from the Mantra Happy Hour (the joy of squeezing so many appetizers and two rounds of drinks before cut-off time and rewarded with HALF OFF your bill).

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  1. We ate here last night - and it certainly now has blaring music. I asked the hostess as she was seating us (promptly at 5pm on Sat) if they could turn it down a bit...she answered, "what?" And I asked again quite loudly, again with the "what?" - she couldn't hear I said exactly - it's too loud that's why you can't hear what I am saying...she said she would look into it - so that was a no. The music kept was challenging for us to figure out what to order since we had to scream at each other at a 4-top in order to negotiate which tacos to try....
    It was fairly empty - just a few people at the bar....we got our order in....we tried the guacamole ($8.50), refried beans, and the chili con queso and the 10 tacos for $33 deal.

    We chose to try the chicken, beef and carnitas (3 of each) and one cheese with nopales. The carnitas was pretty good...the chicken and beef tasted the same...and the nopales with cheese was bland and boring...

    Salsa and chips were good - but not a very large portion for 4 people..and they did not offer refills and we could not get the attention of the server to ask for more...

    We ended up leaving three of beef/chicken tacos since they just tasted like sauce and not the one wanted them...

    It got louder and louder as the meal progressed and people came in to kids who can make and tolerate a lot of noise were anxious to we did while DH tracked down our check...

    A huge bummer - we were hoping for a decent place to get sustainable sourced meats, etc....

    I'm guessing we won't be returning...
    And they do have two large screen TVs over the that also a drawback for me - I prefer a TV free dining experience which is harder and harder to find at more casual eateries in the area...

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      Ouch. I haven't been back after my first visit, and likely never will.