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Mar 5, 2013 09:50 PM

Best foodie pesach gifts from Israel

Someone is putting together a package for me of K-P things to bring from Israel - any suggestions for recs of things available there tha aren't readily available stateside?

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  1. I always ask for liqueurs.

    1. What about nice jams -- the kind sweetened only with fruit and no sugar? Beit Yitzhak usually does a K-P production run.
      Don't know how available those are in the US.

      1. Well, according to Haaretz, locusts are their Pesach foodie promotion....

        Perhaps a bit in poor taste given what they're doing to farmers, but it'd be different.

        1. I understand it has been impossible (this year) to find kfp hazelnut oil in the US but it is available in Israel.

          I have never had things like this break in my suitcase but I always wrap it carefully and double bag it as a precaution.

          Depending upon where you are located you may not get a good selection of spices (just be careful of kitniyot if you don't use it). If you do eat kitniyot the B&B rice cakes are fantastic since they are fresh and if you don't eat kitniyot on Pesach you can still eat the kfp ones erev Pesach.