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Mar 5, 2013 09:40 PM

Sophisticated mocktails in YVR?

My SILs are coming to town soon and we're probably all going out together. I'm pregnant and have been missing getting to drink something fun. I usually order a tonic and lime when I'm out, but would love to know if there are any bars/pubs/restaurants that serve sophisticated mocktails, or where the staff will be accommodating to a request for same... through sad experience (not in Vancouver), I know that some places, shall we say, don't hide their dislike for non-alcoholic drinks that take the time of an alcoholic beverage but don't have the same kind of markup, which makes me hesitant to ask if there isn't anything on the menu.

Family friendliness is a plus as my toddler will probably be with us this time... :) But I wouldn't mind hearing about non-family friendly places too, for future date night reference.

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  1. Not sure if you can call it a place for toddlers, but the Union has mocktails with a south-east Asian taste. Hawksworth has "Zero Proof" cocktails with the same caveat as the Union about toddlers.

    1. Chambar was my go-to when I was pregnant. They're mocktails were always very creative and delicious. I sometimes still order them! They don't have a list but if you tell them you want something non-alcoholic (and give guidelines for flavours - sour/sweet/fruity, etc) they're happy to invent something.

      I've also been intrigued by the Italian Kitchen's (more toddler friendly) selection of different flavoured Italian sodas.