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Mar 5, 2013 07:58 PM

100% quinoa at any GTA area Costcos?

For the last couple of years, we were able to get large packs of Quinoa at Costco. Today at the Ellesmere store, we could only find grain mixes with some quinoa content. Has anyone seen bags (2-lb or 3-lb size) of 100% quinoa lately in the GTA?

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  1. Bought the TruRoots 4-lb bag of 100% quinoa at the Richmond Hill store last week.

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    1. re: mrsleny

      I saw the same brand at the Markham East location on Sunday.
      I noticed it because we had purchased it a couple of months (?) ago for $5.99 (on sale from the then regular price of $8.99) and it was on sale on Sunday for $8.99 (the sign said regular price of $11.99).

      1. re: LearningHow

        with success or popularity comes the inevitable increase in price as demand goes up. what was once a staple livestock feed crop in south america is now not even affordable as a grain for human consumption in the andes.

        such is our first world life. . .

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          That is weird, in Burlington it is priced at $9.69 (or, it was today at least) , 1.814 KG bag, Truroots Organic Quinoa

          SKU from costco is 700777 in case people need it to help find it.

      2. Saw it at Burlington Costco today as well.

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          Thanks for the replies... and especially the sku#!