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Mar 5, 2013 06:02 PM

Make or bake ahead bite sized desserts for party

I'd like to make bite sized desserts a week in advance for a weekend party....Any ideas for an adventurous foodie crowd that I can prep ahead without surrendering my day job.

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  1. No one can deny a brownie. Freeze a tray and cut day of. Gussie it up by layering peppermint patties in the middle.
    Puff pastry desserts can be assembled, refrozen and baked day of. Pouches filled w jam, or square of chocolate. Or use puff pastry or pie dough to line mini muffin tins. Bake in advance then fill with ganache, key lime pie filling, fruit compote, lemon curd and whipped cream, berries and whip day of.
    Cashew brittle is easy and keeps.
    Meringues also keep well... Prep pavlova shells and fill with fruit and whipped cream day of.

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      blondies with maple frosting and bacon bits on top=)

    2. I was thinking that panna cotta in miniature cups could definitely be made in advance. Top with a squirt of a fruit glaze and a couple of berries and stick in a mini-spoon on the side and voila!

      1. Tassies.
        Sea-glass jello (google the recipe)
        I make brownies and other bar cookie recipes in mini-muffin pans because it makes for extra crust, bakes faster, and offers better portion control. 325F for 15 minutes, turning out of the pan after 10 minutes of cooling, yields brownies with a crusty exterior and fudgy interior,

        1. what about miniature cheesecakes? or a brownie, cheesecake, turtle stack (i'm just really hungry, now, so was shooting for the moon. ha! ).

          could you serve it in small shooter glasses, or did you want finger food? wouldn't little layered parfaits be sweet? i think more places are selling small glasses specifically for these dessert or "party" size "bites". i think i saw some recently at pier one. yes…

          i see small glasses at tjmaxx, too -- and they are very reasonable compared with pier one. they have cute shapes too -- i think one with a slightly flared top would be more versatile -- and much easier to eat from compared with the straight up and down shape.

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            +1 on the miniature cheesecakes. They're so easy and people love them.

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              they are easy, and the mini muffin pans are perfect size. of course, i'd like a muffin TOP size, but…that's me! (that comment is so ripe for a muffin top retort! ) LOL. wait a minute, a torte? now there's an idea!

              oh, this would be cute: mini lemon ricotta cheesecakes with a fresh strawberry on top -- a fresh strawberry that has been drizzled with a balsamic-white chocolate drizzle. ok, maybe the balsamic is a bit "too too". but chocolate drizzle? yeah!!!!.

              here's another topper idea: raspberry coulis on the mini lemon ricotta cheesecake….or a "jelled" coulis -- making a decent layer of transparent glaze that would stay put. how pretty would those be? topped with a fresh raspberry! the inspiration for this was limoncello cake with a raspberry coulis my mom and i loved. oooh, now i'm thinking a limoncello cheesecake! wow…
              (i'd better eat breakfast and get some coffee before i go into some sugar shock from thinking of these desserts).

              what about making a limoncello cake in advance (can you do a limoncello poke cake?) -- anyhow….let it soak a couple of days with some limoncello and then use a biscuit cutter to cut out nice sizes for serving on the coulis bed with a dollop of whipped cream alongside.

              also, this reminds me of the venerable but always delicious bacardi rum cake. this could be done the same way. or could be done in a cupcake pan with a nut streusel topping. i'd LOVE that.

              in sum: a boozy cake or cheesecake with a fruit aspect to brighten it up. always nice. (of course, unless you have non-drinkers….and then you could have some "virgin" portions, too).

              goodness gracious, as i was wrapping this up, an email came across the transom from a fabulous website i love -- and what did it offer? molten chocolate mini-cupcake bites!

          2. I just did a low-key Italian dessert trio for a progressive party. Small amaretti, mini two-bite biscotti, and mini cannolis. You would want to fill the cannolis as close to serving time as possible, but if you have a pastry bag that doesn't take long at all.