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Mar 5, 2013 05:18 PM

Dessert bar similar to Co Co. Sala ?

Hi chowhounders!
I am a NY hound and I will be in DC next week.
I will have lunch at Adour and dinner at Minibar.
I would like to have some desserts in between, and last time I truly enjoyed Co Co. Sala. Any similar place or any shop selling really good French pastries in downtown?

* P.S. If it were you, which one would you recommend, J & G Steakhouse or Adour for lunch? Just curious.

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  1. I've personally never been to Adour but have had lunch at J & G Steakhouse a number of times and really enjoy it. The dining room is just so beautiful.

    CoCo Sala is really unique---there aren't really any places quite like it in DC. That said there are some places worth checking out for desserts alone. 2 places come to mind: Central and Mintwood Place. You could easily go to both of these spots and sit at the bar, order just cocktails and dessert and you would be more than happy.

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      Can you get dessert at Churchkey? That might be another place to consider.

      I also have not eaten at Adour but like J&G.