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Mar 5, 2013 05:08 PM

Help! Need a restaurant in DTLA to accommodate 20 people!

So I was planning to have my 30 th birthday celebration at Onyx Lounge this Saturday but I just called and they cannot accommodate my party of 20. Is there another place in DTLA (or close) that you guys can recommend? I prefer DTLA so we can walk to bars after dinner. Something affordable! Thanks!

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  1. Might check with Wood Spoon.

    With a party that size you might get the whole room.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Ooh Brazilian! I think I'll save that spot for another time though. Thanks!!

    2. We did 25 at Umamicatasen. They have a fun menu and full bar in a great location.

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      1. re: Thor123

        I've been wanting to go there! Did you happen to go on a Saturday night? I'm sure they take reservations right?

        1. re: Thor123

          2nd that recommend. They tend to be more of a lunch and dinner place during the week because of their location. They also have a bit of space. Good food and drinks too.

          1. re: MissBubbles

            Wonderful! Looks and sounds great and I've already called to confirm that they can acommodate my group. Thanks a lot! Looking forward to it!

            1. re: MissXTN

              Great! Wide variety of food to pick from and great bar. Make sure they section you off so you have a kind of separate lounge area for your group. You will still be in the main room. Have fun.

        2. Le Ka.

          You can get the patio cordened off, or one of the private rooms. Diane @ Le Ka would be able to tailor the menu to you. If you'd even looked at Umami's PIGG menu, you'd realize the ridiculous mark-up they're charging for "country ham" that some TN producer is curing. At least Le Ka is curing everything in house.