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Mar 5, 2013 04:32 PM

Geography of Best Restaurants in San Antonio

Hi Everyone,

We're moving to San Antonio this summer. Can you help me understand the general geography of the best restaurants in town? Are they all in the Riverwalk area? Are they spread out all over the place? Mare there pockets in various parts of the city?


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  1. Well I don't get around much like I used to.They are kind of spread out all over town.I think Yelp and Urban Spoon under cities have them partioned up by areas.
    For example;there is a place called the Bavarian Haus or Bavarian Inn located in Kirby that has gotten good reviews.Kirby is out on the Northeast side of San Antonio as you go towards Randolph AFB.Harmon's BBQ in Cibolo is also out that way and Manny O's BBQ is on Pat Booker Road in Universal City and Abel's Diner is in Schertz.There is Bangkok Cuisine on Pat Booker in Live Oak up near the Regal Live Oak 18 Cinema. These places are all around the same geographic area.
    Silo is located on Austin Highway in the Terrel Hills -Alamo Heights area.I saw on one of those sites a sushi place in Alamo Heights may have to check it out.
    Some are on the Northside or Northwest;etc.
    Haven't been on the Riverwalk in ages. Guess there are pockets in various places in town.

    1. I never go to the riverwalk. Several great restaurants at the Pearl Brewery complex. Otherwise, I tend to stay near my house, N Central area, with a few exceptions.
      Some good new places in Southtown, but it's a bit of a haul for us.
      What part of town are you moving to?

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        We're not sure what area we'll be moving to yet, probably north or NW based on what I've seen so far. I just don't wan to be too far away from the good eats. Sounds like north central might be the best choice.

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          Loop 1604/Stone Oak used to be our go-to for cutting edge cuisine four or five years ago, can tell you that now that is no longer the case. Virtually all the great new spots are around the Pearl or in Southtown. Bruce Auden's Stone Oak experiment closed, Sustenio's on life support, leaving 1604 Silo as the only option unless you're as enamored of chain eateries as most northsiders.
          Back in the day we'd never go downtown to eat unless we had visitors insisting on it, now it's virtually the only place we go. With one exception (Restaurant Gwendolyn), we tend to avoid the riverwalk....parking hassles, tourists, etc. Pearl and Southtown have free parking, and are less than 15" from our house (Medical Center area).