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Mar 5, 2013 04:10 PM

College graduation party


What suggestions do you have for a downtown college graduation diner party? We prefer a reasonably priced ($$-$$$) restaurant with great atmosphere to high-priced restaurant. We will have about 12 people, with one elderly family member, and one family member in need of a gluten-free menu, if possible.

Any good ideas come to mind?

THX in advance.


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  1. Not sure what you are looking for regarding atmosphere, but Modo Mio is excellent Italian, reasonable, BYOB, parking not too hard, & they can handle gluten free. Downsides are they are not downtown (edge of No. Liberties) & cash only.

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      Thanks - I will check them out!


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        I also question whether Modo Mio really is set up to handle parties of 12.

        A couple of places that might be able to handle parties that big include Dandelion, Osteria, Amada all of which have private dining rooms and options. You definitely could be accomodated in chinatown at places like Sang Kee and Vietnam Palace.

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          Ive been to several dinners of 12+ at Modo Mio. They do a good job but you are at a long table, hard to interact with people not in the immediate vicinity. But that is the case at most restaurants. Quality and quantity of food at $35pp can't be beat. Typical downsides of Modo Mio apply... small space, can get loud.

      2. The private rooms at Zahav hold about that number. I've taken gluten-free folk there and they are very accomodating to their needs. Also the private rooms are quieter than the main area.

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          Waking1, Forgive my belated reply. My attention got diverted for a few weeks! This restaurant looks interesting. I fear, however, that our taste run more to the "continental". I really appreciate your idea, however. Thanks much!

        2. If you're looking for a great atmosphere, I'd suggest looking into any of the Starr restaurants. Usually very lively with pretty decent food, and something that a young graduate would enjoy.

          1. Stephen Starr's Pod.
            It's fun and caters to a college crowd.