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Favorite way to use kimchi?

The kimchi thread has me thinking about what to do with kimchi. It has a very strong flavor so I imagine that might limit the uses when you don't want to obscure the flavors of other comments, but any favorite uses for kimchi? I was thinking of pairing it perhaps with swordfish, tuna or shrimp but they are so delicately flavored that I figured it'd be overwhelming and just kind of taste like kimchi. I thought I'd get some of your favorite ideas to get me started.

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  1. I'm boring compared to others I'm sure. I like it in scrambled eggs, bibmi bap, or in good ramin.

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      Kimchi, a coddled egg, and pulled pork in my ramen is my favorite way...

    2. Wrapped around a cold wad of rice like a spicy, pickle-ey nori.

      1. Some common uses for kim chee in Hawaii:

        kim chee dip, usually using a cream cheese base
        kim chee fried rice -- chopped kim chee added to fried rice
        kim chee and bulgogi in a sandwich.
        kim chee with pork chops

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          I put kimchee in my fried rice with bacon. It's also good in pancake batter.

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              What ipse said. It's meant to be a spicy, cold and pickle-y side dish. I think it would be great alongside your swordfish, tuna or shrimp and a bowl of rice. When we have a really good batch of kimchi at my house, we often eat it with just a bowl of rice to really enjoy the flavor.

              It's used as an ingredient in a few things - stew, pancakes, fried rice, dumplings, etc-. but those things were generally invented to use up old kimchi that was past it's fermented prime. I was actually weirded out the first time I heard/saw someone put the kimchi -in- their ssam (korean bbq). I was thinking the person must be in a big rush to get that food in his mouth. It also seems to muddle the flavors. When I eat ssam, I want to be able to taste the ssamjang and that's difficult to do with kimchi in the same mouthful.

              However, no one can deny the genius of the Momofuku 'Bo Ssam'. One of the condiments is pureed kimchi which I think would be great on almost anything.

              All that being said, one of my favorite snacks is a kimchi roll. Laver (nori), hot brown rice, a liberal streak of 'sauce' - soy sauce, sesame oil, green onions, sesame seeds, gochugaru, chopped jalapenos and a dash of fish sauce - and of course, kimchi. Eaten whole like a sandwich, it really hits the spot when you want a snack that's easy and relatively healthy.

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                I was thinking that, do the fish as usual and have the kimchi on the side. I pondered a kimchi omelet or scrambled eggs but that just seemed out to me.

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                  I think you'll find that it's a really good combination where both flavors will shine.

                  In the spirit of culinary innovation, have you thought about kimchi deviled eggs? These look darn good!


            2. Throw it in a grilled cheese. Gooey, fatty cheese + pungent kimchi + crispy bread = great contrast of flavors and textures.

              1. How is kimchi as a salad topping? I was pondering a spinach salad with sauteed chicken and perhaps some kimchi thrown on top. I can't stop thinking about how to use it next.

                1. There's nothing like a good, steaming bowl of kimchi stew(kimchi jjigae) over hot rice! Check the google machine for some recipes!

                  1. Two things I love love love are kim chi fried rice and kim chi jigae.

                    1. As a Korean fed daily on homemade kimchi growing up, I say it goes with EVERYTHING. Eggs, rice (if you're bored of fried, try risotto), soups, stews, BBQ, pasta, salads... the only thing I would reconsider of is anything dessert-related (can you imagine kimchi in a birthday cake?) or non-savory. Kimchi is a side-dish and meant to accompany things, which makes it so incredibly versatile.

                      My mom and I often used to eat it simply with a bowl of rice as a meal on our lazier days...

                      1. I make seaweed soup and add some Kimchi to it. So simple, so fast and pretty tasty.

                        Google: Miyuk Guk

                        A little seaweed goes a long long long way BTW.

                        1. David Chang's/Momofuku Kimchi Bacon fried rice.


                          Simple and frankly awesome.

                          1. even after you finish the kimchi, dont throw out the "juice", that can be used for a lot of things too.

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                              Hmm.... one of my not so "secrets" for a bloody mary is some of the vinegar from the Jalepeon or what ever pickeled pepper I have on hand.... Me thinks kim chee juice would make a great bloody mary.

                              Oh darn and excuse to make bloody mary's - I think this would make it "a bloody Kim"

                            2. We've been loving Chowhound's recipe for kimchi and shrimp fried rice http://www.chow.com/recipes/29508-kim...

                              1. one of the cooking mags this month had short ribs with carmelized kim chee - it was great!

                                1. A new favorite - seared tuna and scallops with an soy-sesame sauce and a side of kimchi

                                  1. I have Nathan's hot dogs and I have kim chee... Would it be disgusting to put these together for dinner? I'm not sure. What else would you put on it?

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                                      Chop the kimchi really fine and pop it into the freezer whilst the dogs are being cooked. Spoon on top of a bunned dog like slaw.
                                      Should be excellent!

                                      1. re: Kris in Beijing

                                        Okay, then, I'll take your word for it. That's what's for dinner!

                                      2. re: juster

                                        Um, why do people eat hot dogs other ways than this? Sauerkraut? Feh. Chili dogs? Feh. Mustard and onions? You've got to be kidding. It was fantastic. The kimchi was a great foil to the very rich, strong-tasting Nathan's dog. The spiciness, tanginess.... oh so good. I really wanted another even though I'm not hungry, so I just ate some plain kimchi instead, and I STILL want another dog. Toasted buttered bun, pan-fried dog, cold kimchi, bit of mayo. Yes. Thanks for the go-ahead, Kris!

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                                          And now all you need to do is get a hold of some cucumber kimchi, mince it, chill it, and use as relish.

                                          1. re: hannaone

                                            Hrm... I think the restaurant down the street might sell this. Are you saying to use both? I'm not sure whether I can top perfection. Have you tried this? Contemplating...

                                            1. re: juster

                                              No, not both at the same time.
                                              Although now that I think about it........

                                              Using the cucumber kimchi just takes the flavor a different direction. Both are great.

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                                            When I meet people who are... afraid...of kimchi, I usually sell it as a Korean Sauerkraut.
                                            And I don't mention "spicy"-- sauerkraut isn't "spicy" but it has a bite.
                                            So if I get a yes to
                                            "do you like sauerkraut?"
                                            followed by a yes to
                                            "do you like Mexican,"
                                            then I've got a good candidate for a new kimchi lover.

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                                            wow, you read my mind. I just dug into a vat of kim chee in the fridge. Hot dogs and kim chee sound great, but then again I eat it with nearly anything.

                                            1. re: fldhkybnva

                                              Kimchi, hot dog, cheese, rice, onions, peppers ---

                                          4. EGGS and kimchi make a happy marriage......In Korea that's the most popular breakfast dish...........crack 3 eggs plus
                                            only the yolk of a 4th, a tablespoon of milk or cream, whisk,
                                            saute chopped kimchi for a minute or two, add eggs,,,,keep moving eggs till done to your liking

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                                              I am an omelet fanatic and a kim chee addict and have wanted to eggs with kim chee for so long but I guess the idea of the flavors don't seem to fit in my head though I imagine it's delicious. Do you use cheese as well? I am thinking a mushroom, kimchee, cheese omelet might be nice.

                                            2. Kimchee fries! Just like at the Chilantro truck in Texas. But I live nowhere near it now, so I'm going to have to make my own. If you like fries, these will send you into orbit.