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Mar 5, 2013 02:57 PM

Dinner: one night in March. Any advice?

Overnight layover from Caribbean in late March. Staying in downtown Miami. I hear we may be inundated with spring breakers. My lady and I are, sadly, no longer 21.

She's suggested Ola for our post-flight repast. I could def. go for foie gras empanadas and ceviche. But do you have any other can't miss out suggestions for us to consider?

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  1. If you are staying downtown, why leave?

    Nemesis Bistro
    Db Bistro

    All of the above are better choices than Ola and you don't have to go to the beach, which can be painful. Zuma is definitely 4th best of the bunch but has the best scene (not spring breakers).

    1. take tpigeon's advice and like the wind...and don't look back.....

      don't know if I consider south beach a spring break destination....but maybe it is....

      Ft. Pierce, FL

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        There are more spring breakers than you can shake a stick at on the beach during spring break. Though it is not quite what it was over the last few years.