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Mar 5, 2013 01:47 PM

Where to source Watermelon Radish

Hi - saw Melissa Clark's kimchi video and have to have the watermelon radish. Where can I buy one in NJ?

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  1. Farmers Markets during the summer.

    1. Nowhere now?

      What is the best Farmer's market near Hanover/Whippany?

      1. I saw some at the green grocer at Degraw Avenue and Queen Anne Road in Teaneck this afternoon.

        1. There's a year-round "Farmer's Market" on Rt. 10 E (it's really a store) right beyond where Mt. Pleasant Ave meets Rt. 10. If it's used in Asian cooking, you might find it at the Kan-Man food store on Rt.10 W - same center as Home Depot.

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          1. re: bropaul

            Thanks for the tip on Kom Man- they didn t have it- but what a great store!

          2. How about in Central Jersey? Trying to recreate the kale salad from Porta and the pickled watermelon radishes are a key component.

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            1. re: bgut1

              The only place I've ever seen watermelon radish is at the Stockton Farmer's market, but later in the season.