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Mar 5, 2013 01:28 PM

Private Party Room @ Maialino

Has anyone ever hosted or been to a dinner in the private room?
Planning one now and I would really like some feedback. Some advice. Some recommendations, etc. Thank you!

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    1. My friends and I rented the private room out for a special night out two years ago. There were 10 of us, and the only requirement was to have a food and beverage minimum of $1,800 (or something close to it). We easily hit that with all the liquor. The thing I least enjoyed was the set menu, as for a group of ten I would have enjoyed a little more choice. We chose some passed appetizers, a salad, pasta then entree course. There was also some sort of dessert. The meal was served family style, which ended up being perfect for our party. The food was fantastic (there was plenty of it) and the service was excellent. They took cocktail orders and also had bottles of champagne and wine open for us to serve ourselves (we chose the champagne and wine ahead of time). All in all, aside from the sticker shock at the end (who knew we could drink that much wine), it was a great experience. Let me know if you have any particular questions...unfortunately, it was two years ago, so some things might have changed.

      1. You had a good experience. That's all I care about at this point as it's already booked and the menu has already been determined! I like that the room is ours for the night. They only book one party a night. No rushing...

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          Oh there was certainly no rush. And my memory fails me, but I think my friend even was able to have his iPod played through the room's sound system. I think you will not be disappointed with the room/service, etc. It was certainly a great night when we did it.

          1. re: Pago77

            Awesome. I'm going to ask the coordinator about that now.

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              they don't have the soundsystem but we are welcome to bring a doc with speakers....hey, it's an option.

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                maybe that is what my buddy did...although for some reason I thought I remembered them have recessed speakers in the ceiling. oh well, bad memory from old age i guess...

                1. re: Pago77

                  either way, thanks for putting the thought it my head. I will be bringing a dock.