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Need help figuring out my Nola trip!

Jabba Mar 5, 2013 01:00 PM

I'm going to New Orleans this Thursday-Monday for a wedding, and I have this giant list of places I'd like eat at, and I'd like some input...Please weigh in. Thanks so much!

1. Chargrilled oysters: Is it best at Drago's, Acme, or Felix? I was thinking of this as my first meal (a late lunch) in the FQ area.

2. Friday, we have reservations for Commander's Palace at 1 pm. The wedding group will be around Bourbon St. that evening afterwards. I originally wanted to try the Three Muses happy hour, but would that too soon after Commander's Palace? And if so, what would you suggest as an alternative? I don't mind if it's fancy or divey, as long as it's a legit place to eat! I'm also observing the Lent rules, so I prefer seafood/veggie dishes within an easy distance to Bourbon St. since that's where we'd meet everyone else. Currently have Mr. B's in mind for the BBQ shrimp or picking up crawfish from Big Fisherman on the way back from Commander's Palace. (If we didn't go on Sunday...) Also, if we brought boiled crawfish back, does it get too cold if we wait a few hours to eat them or is there a good way to reheat them? We'll have a kitchen in the apartment we rented.

3. Given all the little pre-wedding events, I'm not quite sure when we're hitting up Preservation Hall. The last chance we will get is on Saturday after the wedding and in between their after-parties. If we do go on Saturday, our window for dinner & the 8:15 set is small and I know we'd have to wait. Is there a quick place you'd consider eating at? Or something you'd get to eat while waiting in line?

4. This Sunday lunch/brunch: Debating between jazz brunch at Cafe Atchafalaya vs. picking up boiled crawfish from Big Fisherman and picnicking at The Fly. Which would you do?

5. Picking up a muffaletta at Cochon Butcher Sunday afternoon for an early morning airplane snack back to Chicago on Monday...will it still be good after 12 hours?

6. Last meal before heading home will most likely be in Marigny since that's where we are crashing Sunday night. If we haven't done Three Muses, this is where I'd wanna go. If we have somehow squeezed it in earlier, then what else would you recommend in the neighborhood?

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    shanefink Mar 5, 2013 07:18 PM

    Commander’s and Mr. B’s on the same day is a smart move. Yo Mama’s has good burgers across from Preservation Hall and they sometimes have crawfish boils on the weekends. Call ahead to find out. There’s nothing like fresh, hot boiled crawfish so I’d drop any thought of re-heating or eating a few hours later. It just isn’t the same. Cochon Butcher is a must. Love thier roast beef sandwich. Get some of their sides as well- marinated brussel sprouts, spicy turnips, homemade pickles. Drago’s has the best chargrill of the three, but that Hilton location is dicey. Do the jazz brunch at Atchafalaya.

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    1. re: shanefink
      Jabba Mar 12, 2013 01:04 PM

      Thanks so much for the input! I came back to Chicago yesterday and I'm still thinking about all the amazing meals. We ended up doing Luke's happy hour for our late lunch, Cafe du Monde as a snack (the coffee being a needed pick-me-up), and Killer Poboy's Darm & Stormy Pork Belly poboy for a late dinner on day 1.

      Day 2 was beignets at Cafe Beignet and an incredible lunch at Commander's Palace...I'm quite petite, so I needed dinner pretty quickly to soak up all the martinis. Ended up at Three Muses at the end of their happy hour for dinner. I am in love with that place...the food, the cocktails, the music -- it could not have been better.

      Day 3 was the wedding in the FQ, so lunch was at Latrobes and dinner was a mix of Killer Poboys and some snacking at Three Muses again before hopping around Frenchmen St. We also stumbled across a newish spot called Spitfire Coffee. Any thoughts on how it is compared to other coffee spots? It was pretty awesome to us.

      Our last day (Sunday) ended up being ridiculous. We brunched at Atchafalaya at your suggestion. A couple friends who live in Marigny came with and loved it just as much as we visitors did. Since it was close to Big Fisherman, we swung by for a couple pounds of crawfish to bring back to their place. En route, we picked up a muffaletta at Cochon Butcher for the flight the following morning. As soon as we got to their place, we feasted again and walked off as much as we could. Ended up at Kermit's Treme Speakeasy and ate AGAIN...loved his braised rabbit and the red beans & rice! Stayed and partied till his set ended. For one last nightcap, my friend took us to Bacchanal in the Bywater to split a bottle of malbec. The guy who sold us the bottle was the same host at Atchfalaya! He said we must have done Sunday right...

      I guess we'll return for Mr. B's and the chargrilled oysters next time. Till then, thanks, Chowhounders, for helping shape up a very memorable weekend.

      1. re: Jabba
        karendor Mar 12, 2013 06:05 PM

        This sounds amazing. I can't wait for my trip -- next month --which will also feature (first time visits) Killer Po-Boys and Atchafalaya brunch + many more. Per your review, I am considering re-visiting Three Muses, too. Wonderful report and your Sunday was very admirable!

        1. re: karendor
          sanglier Mar 12, 2013 06:19 PM

          I was wondering if you'd made it in yet! Still hitting RioMar? OK, everyone seems to be mentioning Three Muses lately, I can't hold out: lamb sliders with chutney in my immediate sights.

          1. re: sanglier
            karendor Mar 12, 2013 07:06 PM

            Arrive in about a month. In spite of your wonderful recommendation, my friend chose GW Fins over Rio Mar for that Monday night, so I will likely wait until my Nov. trip.

            I have not done GW yet...and it certainly gets great marks.

            So Three Muses is now a possibility for a Friday night (of my family members, I like 3M the most, particularly that signature cocktail!) but perhaps we can at a minimum get tapas @ Rio Mar one night.

            The OP is inspiring me to allocate one day for a food marathon.

            1. re: karendor
              sanglier Mar 12, 2013 07:22 PM

              Food marathons in New Orleans are de rigueur! The beauty of this city is opting for this over that matters little, as both are typically winning choices. Have a safe trip!

              1. re: sanglier
                don515 Mar 13, 2013 08:01 AM

                Cafe Atchafalaya very fun brunch try to get on the main-lower floor. I always bring back a box of cooked crawfish back to to pittsburgh for an instant party next day they are still great next day just a min or 2 back in boilng water. Call fishermans cove the day before so they can cook and cool them for you small box can hold 20lbs and keeps for 24hrs.


                on williams ave very close to the airport



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