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Mar 5, 2013 12:52 PM

Quick and easy meals for 1.

I work from home and have a terrible time feeding myself a decent lunch. PBJ gets old after a while but I really don't have the energy to cook an actual meal plus the dish washing.

What do you eat for meals and snacks when you aren't up for doing a whole lot prep or cooking?

Bonus points if its something geared for just one person to eat.

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  1. Okay, I'm not a vegan, but a friend of mine likes making quick quesadillas with the Daiya cheese and mushrooms.

    1. I make a salad for lunch several days a week, usually with some leftovers added to speed things up. Today it was roasted potatoes, steamed green beans, pesto (all left from dinners the last couple of nights), plus shredded lettuce, cheese cubes, dressed with a squeeze of lemon juice and glug of olive oil. Cheese and avocado sandwiches are another favorite. This time of year, leftover soup is good too.

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        I like corn tortillas with beans and cheese (Daiya). Also grilled cheese sandwiches using Daiya. Pasta salads, quinoa salad, or make a batch of bean burgers and freeze themnso you will always have a yummy lunch. Or roast or grill a pan of veggies and the keep ithe fridge. Use them to make grilled veggie and cheese wraps. Or forget the cheese and use pesto.

      2. Leftovers are my lunches. If you want something fresh, make a salad dressing/sauce, and use leftover beans, grains and chopped veggies to make a salad or stirfry. Hummus is a nice sandwich spread, too.


        1. Eating alone and in a hurry doesn't necessarily mean cooking for one in a hurry. I cook large quantities and freeze in single portions for those occasions.

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              Relatively. It's about 25 minutes away.