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Mar 5, 2013 12:26 PM

Heading to NOLA in a couple of weeks...please critique!

It's my third time visiting (though I was quite young and irresponsible my first visit and hardly remember a thing...); I'll be with my partner and my mother (it's her first time in NOLA)

Here's what I was thinking:

Thursday--we should be at our hotel about noon; my partner has been dying to go back to Yo Mama for a burger on St. Peters street ever since we visited a couple of years ago, so we'll probably go there since it's near the hotel. At night, we're going to see Glen David Andrews at Bullet's Sports Bar; from what I understand there's food out front (I called their yesterday, the nice lady who answered said there will be a few trucks out front), even tough Kermit won't be playing.

Friday-- Casamento's for lunch, Galatoire's for dinner

Saturday--I'm torn betwen Willie-Mae's and Lil' Dizzy's for lunch. Any comments? For dinner, I made a reservation at NOLA. I know it's a bit controversial, but I received a giftcard to any Emeril restaurant for Christmas, and I'd hate to see it go to waste. If anyone thinks this is a terrible idea, I can always go there and use the giftcard to purchase a cookbook or something and dine elsewhere

Sunday--Atchafayla for brunch, and going to Kermit Ruffin's Speakeasy at night for music and food. Has anyone been? I heard the seats fill up quickly, what time should I arrive?

Monday--Mandina's for lunch, K-Paul's for dinner.

Tuesday--head home!

For breakfasts, my mother really wants to go to Mother's. I've been before; I don't think it's the worst nor do I think it's the best, so I think it might be good for perhaps the first morning of our trip. If we wake up early enough we'll try Stanley's, too. I also want to go to Camellia Grill, simply because I've never been; if anything we'll just get a piece of pie.

(I may switch our NOLA reservation to lunch on Monday, and dinner at Mandina's on Saturday, simply because I like the specials listed for Mandina's for Saturday...)

Any thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Also meant to add, if anyone has a good, reasonably priced, local joint to recommend in lieu of Mandina's, please throw it forward; we want as much good seafood as possible :-)

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      What about Boucherie on Jeannette street? [ I too think it is great you are traveling around town!] Mussels, scallops, amazing desserts and a great ambiance. A very good value for contemporary local cuisine.

    2. There’s nothing wrong with NOLA. Went their recently with a group of 8 guys and they like to order a bunch of food and throw it on the table and share. Everything was good. The food truck at Bullet’s is a bit risky because if you don’t see anything you want (and it is limited), there’s not much else around there. I like that you are venturing all over town. You might want to put the Marigny on your list. Frenchman Street has some good food and always great music. Another good breakfast choice would be Surrey’s on Magazine Street. I don’t think I’d waste a Saturday night at Mandina’s. It’s more of a lunch place to me.

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      1. re: shanefink

        THANK YOU for the info on Bullet's, we'll plan to eat first then just in case! If there's something good there, I'm sure I can find room :-)

        1. re: italianyc84

          Nola is great if you go on a week night - they rush and skimp on high-volume weekend nights.

          Absolute favorite dish "Garlic crusted Texas drum with bacon butter sauce." Actually on my top 10 list of all restaurants I have ever been.

      2. There is nothing wrong with NOLA, some put it in the top 10 maybe more in the next 10, but lunch is only Thur-Sun. I've been to Mandinas for lunch and dinner and either is fine.

        I'd take Lil Dizzys as Willie Maes is more of a one note place. Or you could try Two Sisters.

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        1. re: collardman

          I am possibly in the "second ten," but is just how things sort out. Still, they have not let us down, and the elevator for M-I-L's wheelchair, to upstairs, was a blessing. Great food, great service, and almost (but not quite) perfect.


          1. re: collardman

            Another big fan of NOLA; first place we ate when we moved here 13 yrs ago and still like it better than his other places in town. Usually the service is good and very hospitable. After over a decade of trying all sorts of places, it may still be in our Top 10 for bold flavors and a generally good time.

          2. Achafalaya is one of my favorite restaurants in Nola !! Especially because of the cool neighborhood and ambiance inside. I love their food too.

            I wouldn't recommend Mother's. I love Elizabeth's in Bywater - need a car or cab but not far, near the levy. Their shrimp and grits and grillades (roasted spicy beef) and unbelievably great hangover cures. Casual

            brunch menu

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            1. re: Ambiance

              X2 on all the above.

              Elizabeth's praline bacon is an experience that everyone should have.

            2. I would skip Mothers. Ruby Slipper is good for breakfast, as well as Stanley and Camelia Grill. Lil' Dizzy's has great gumbo.