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May 4, 2006 02:57 PM

Cavaillon in Santa Luz

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Cavaillon has been open since the end of last year, and I have not seen a post on the restaurant. The long time sous-chef of Tapenade has opened a terrific neighborhood bistro in a small commercial center in Santa Luz.

Much of the same food as Tapenade, just not as complicated or pricey. Wonderful staff and great french bistro fare.

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  1. address, hours, website, more details??

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    1. re: daantaat

      14701 Via Bettona
      Suite 200
      San Diego, CA 921217
      (858) 433-0483

      Dinner only, with a brunch on Sundays.

      1. It's appeared here several times. Excellent food, service good, great people, but I couldn't warm to the atmosphere. For me, something just felt wrong. Cold, maybe, even though the temp was fine. If I lived way up there, I'd probably go again, but not going out of my way.


        1. I have to agree, that it is not a stuffy place for the fine food served. The casual atmosphere and friendly service is MUCH appreciated. Since it is in my neck of the woods, it is becoming a weekly favorite!

          1. My wife and I tried Cavaillon on the night we find out she was pregnant (8 months ago). The owner clearly could tell that we were excited about something, and was so wonderful and gracious when we told him the news. That sense of personal touch and personality is what I associate with my favorite restaurants in Europe, and along with the knockout food, makes me feel that Cavaillon is a place well worth the excursion (we live in Point Loma).

            1. We really like Cavaillon as well. The best coq au vin this side of the Atlantic, and Verpland is a wonderful host.