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What vegetables are good in pulled pork sandwhiches

And is mustard a nice addition to BBQ sauce

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  1. No veggies in pulled pork. Cook it low and slow and let the meat impress on it's own. Coleslaw on top is a great NC-Southern touch though.

    Leave the mustard out of the BBQ sauce. If you need a kick, add some Tabasco to the pork once it's done or extra spicy ancho and chipotle chili powder to the rub before it cooks.

    1. I like to top the meat with a good scoop of slaw. The vinegar offsets the richness of the pork and it's goooooood.

      1. my favorite is dh's homemade slaw and bush's baked beans. (DH hasn't tried his hand and home made beans...yet)

        1. Carolina based bbq sauce has mustard in it, so why not. I adore a vinegar based cole slaw on my pulled pork sandwich, but more with a thicker, tomato based bbq sauce.
          But, I'd add slaw to any 'qwich.

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            Not to split hairs, but South Carolina Q uses mustard, North Carolina is vinegar based, traditionally.
            Many prefer a topping of slaw, I prefer pickles and onions.

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              And the mustard based sauce is generally found in only a small area of SC at that. Not to mention its an abomination.

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                When I lived in Columbia SC that's all there was. I preferred the NC style when I briefly lived in Greensboro.

          2. Cabbage slaw is common, I like sautéed kale or spinach, carmalized onions

            1. cabbage for the coleslaw

              1. Fig preserves...if you get tired of slaw.

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                  I have fig chutney in my fridge... trying to imagine it on pulled pork... hmmm...

                2. I prefer coleslaw and pickled red onions on my pulled pork sammies.

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                  1. Pulled pork itself is not made with vegetables in the cooking. Your question isn't especially clear about what you are looking for. Cole slaw is traditional as an addition on top, Mustard is a great addition to sauce.

                    1. Pulled pork + mustard dill sauce (y'know, the sort you'd make to accompany gravlax) + sliced pickled beets. We have this as an open-faced, knife-and-fork sandwich typically.

                      1. Obvious vote for cole slaw, but I'm also a fan of cucumbers–pickled or otherwise unadorned.

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                          Kudos on the cukes. Pickled cucumbers and onions (I always pickle them together...) + sliced beets are great on top if you don't want slaw.

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                            Absolutely! A kimchijjigae sandwich!

                            1. If you want to be Completely nontraditional -- so in a way it's not a pulled pork sandwich but a sandwich with pulled pork:

                              1) roasted beets
                              2) fried patty made of mashed potatoes
                              3) traditional "roast" veggies, caramelized until past limp: celery, carrots, onions
                              4) apricot jam and horseradish [spread]
                              5) fried egg and tobasco