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Mar 5, 2013 11:20 AM

The Biscuit in Somerville?

Anyone been? Would love some reports...

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  1. I live around the corner, so I am there a fair bit. Coffee is pretty good, haven't explored anything more complicated than just plain coffee for drinks. They make a sandwich (the Helsinki) with nice herb bread, smoked salmon, cream cheese, and pickled onions that is excellent although you will taste the onions all day. I like the croissants but my gf feels they are too dry. They also have a pastry with melted gorgonzola that is delicious, and there is one with spinach and feta I like a lot.

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      They do a respectable latte. The savory scones can be very good, depending on the day and the selection. I don't think the pastries are made in-house. They also have pre-made salads which I thought were pretty decent for what they are. Friendly-enough staff. Nothing overwhelmingly special about the place, just a good stop-off for some coffee.

      1. re: ColoradoXJ13

        That gorgonzola and caramelized onion pastry is really good. The salami sandwiches are pretty good, too, and I like that you can get 1/2 sandwiches. The coffee is just okay. Service is friendly, but can be slow if there's a line, especially if you're trying to catch a bus.

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          I used to live around the corner myself and was a regular. I miss that intersection: The Biscuit, The Wine and Cheese Cask, The Kebab Factory, Bergamot, Dali and Savenors. A lot of quality right there.

          1. re: tomjb27

            And the new Tony Maws place on the way, in the old Kirkland Cafe space.


            1. re: MC Slim JB

              any idea when that will open? The Kirkland has been gone for years, and that space has been in the rehab process for years.

              Granted, from the one time I went in there, the Kirkland needed a *lot* of rehab.

              Every now and again I will hear a rumor that something is coming soon, but it never seems to materialize! Would be cool as I live right down the Line.

            2. re: tomjb27

              even the convenience store in between the kebab factory and savenors is great...sometimes they have kate's buttermilk and they have lots of more Indian type ingredients than savenors...

              and tony maws of craigie is opening a new outpost at what used to be the kirkland cafe right next to dali, and ana sortun opening a new outpost further away....evoo was there before bergamot. I wouldn't call the thirsty scholar a chowhound destination, but it's good for what it does and it's just a bit down the street, as is petsi pies.

              1. re: Madrid

                The Thirsty Scholar is a great spot to grab a beer on a weekend day.

                I lived in that neighborhood for four years with the Kirkland Cafe space empty, so I'm glad to hear something is finally happening there.

          2. I like their sweet & savory squares, quiches, and their focaccia-pizza concoctions.

            1. Great fresh bread, good sandwiches and a really good kale salad. Also, they have a nice small outdoor area. And the owner has been a great supporter of making Somerville better for biking.

              1. I love this place and the owners are great people.

                1. Thanks everyone! Will try it soon. Appreciate the posts.