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If you like good food/drink and you like sports (on TV), where do you go?

I will be in town for the Big East Tournament next weekend (likely arriving Thurs afternoon) and will be at the games in the evening, but where can I go during the day to get some good food and drink while also being able to see the other conference tourney games? Things that I would generally look for in this type of establishment:

- Craft beer/cocktails;
- a good burger;
- other interesting bar eats (interesting meaning atypical and/or inventive bar food);
- a comfortable bar to hang out at for a few hours; and
- A TV that would be up for showing college basketball games.

I not super concerned with neighborhood, as we can take the train or cabs around during the day. I think if you are into say spending a Saturday afternoon eating and drinking while watching some college football (or Sunday for NFL, if that's your thing), you know what I am looking for.

So, any suggestions for good food and drink with a TV would be great. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Pennsylvania 6 is a good option for more upscale fare and good beers but it's also quite expensive. However it's right near MSG so it would be good right before your games.

    In midtown I would suggest the Draught 55. I've been there twice now to watch basketball and while they only have about 3 tvs up front they've always been great about putting any game on and I've always gotten a seat. I've only had their chicken fingers (which we quite awesome) so I don't know about the burger but they have a great rotating craft beer list.

    Another idea is to head to Standings in the East Village. They will be showing all of the games and have a great selection of beer (beer flights, etc). They don't serve food but you can bring in anything you want. We usually stop into Porchetta and pick up a pork sandwich and a few arepas across the street at Caracas and make a day of eating and drinking there.

    1. I have done Blue Smoke before and that worked well enough, but I am looking to diversify...

      1. Maybe Manhattan Proper?

        1. I go to the BET every year and usually spend some time at Rattle N' Hum, which has one of the best craft beer selections in the city and will show the games. I'll go there to watch football sometimes as well. It's not far from MSG and it's sometimes a launching pad for fan groups. Other times though, it can be quiet. The bar food menu is not bad but not inventive. The real draw are the beers, which you can sample by ordering flights. Next door is supposed to be a decent Szechuan place if you want to eat there first and then move over to the bar.

          Legends and Stout, near The Garden, are kind of (tired) standards for this sort of thing.

          In the East Village there is the relatively new Cooper's Craft & Kitchen, which has a nice beer and cocktail list and the menu looks like kind of uppity bar food. I've only had beers and watched a game there. Never eaten the food.

          Per roze's suggestion, grabbing food from say Xi'an Famous Foods or somewhere else interesting in the East Village and then heading over to Standings, is probably as good a rec as any if you want interesting food and watching the games.

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            I didn't realize Rattle N' Hum had a beer selection like that, I will certainly at least drop in there for a few one of the days.

            Thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming, it is really hard to narrow down options in NYC.

            One of the big things for me is knowing which good restaurants also have TVs. It does not need to be a sports bar at all, just a place with good food/drink and a TV...

          2. There is a steakhouse on Park at about 27th - Primehouse maybe, that has a great bar upfront with sports bar worthy screens and food that is better than most bars.

            Tenzan sushi places do not turn up on best sushi lists but are serviceable. They do have big screens over the bars too so if you're doing this for several days and want lighter fare one day it is an option. There is one at 74th and Columbus that is subway convenient for MSG (2 stops on the 2/3 train from 72nd)

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              Primehouse closed and is now Sarabeth's.

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                Kathryn is correct. Primehouse is no more. However you could call Cannibal and see if they will be showing games on their 2 tvs. Great steak tartare, great beer (although terribly overpriced) so maybe just go for one game, food and atmosphere. It's definitely a different scene you can't get most places.

            2. You might try the Ainsworth, ebone.

              One of its prime attractions is the seating, which is like what's in your living room; there are multiple screens showing and, at that time of day, likely all basketball.
              The food really isn't the draw, but close enough for bluegrass.

              EDIT: the place is really different from the ones suggested above; less old-fashioned stiff-spined drinkery, more Homer Simpson's well-worn-in living room couch. (And thus a space that fills up quickly for popular events.)

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                Wait, Ainsworth's scene is more like Homer Simpsons Living room couch? I havent been there in a while, but that isnt how I would describe it. Maybe I am mis reading this post? It seems like kind of a new fratty, murry hill sports bar. Not that thats a bad thing, thats just what it is, I have had fun there.

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                  Hey19, I have been to Ainsworth and I tend to agree with your assessment. I may very well end up there at some point, but my focus with this post was to find a spot more focused on beer/food than Ainsworth is. I can find plenty of places with big TVs and nachos, but I am looking for something a bit more refined (or simply more caring, doesn't need to be fine dining with immaculate presentation) in the food category if it exists.

              2. Micky Mantle's has a good burger and it's obviously very sporty

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                  Micky Mantle's closed about a year ago. For weekday afternoon watching the Blind Tiger might not be too bad. Great beer selection, the food is quite good and there is one TV in the corner that I'm sure could be tuned in to hoops.

                2. Phebe's located at 359 Bowery and 4th Street.

                  1. This is certainly going to be a play-it-by-ear situation, but there are a lot of good suggestions on here and I will very likely hit a couple of them. Thanks for the input.