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Mar 5, 2013 10:27 AM

NoVA hot dog vendors who cater?

Does anyone know of any hot dog vendors (cart or food truck) that cater? We're throwing a carnival themed birthday party for one of our kids and would love to have a hot dog cart, and other carnival-style concessions (funnel cakes, etc.) Either these guys aren't showing up on Google or my search prowess is fading.... appreciate the help!!

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  1. one idea might be to go into D.C. and ask the guys with food trucks selling what you want. Be sure to check their licenses. good luck, fun idea

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    1. Check out the Top Dog truck -- they hang out in NoVA.

      1. You should contact Nate at Red Apron, he has a cart and is well-regarded...

        1. Check out The Bean Bag on Gude Drive in Rockville. You can call them and make the arrangements and I am pretty sure they would come to NOVA. We did that for a high school graduation along with an Italian water ice cart.