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What is a good meat for an omelet

What's a good meat for an omelet besides sausage

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  1. Ham and pulled pork are two of my favorites.

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    1. Pork roll or Scrapple.

      1. I know I may be vilified for this, but there is nothing like Spam in an omelet! Seriously.

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          I'm good with that, but it has to be fried first.

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            Oh definitely. I dice it and fry it first, then add my eggs and proceed from there.

            Love your pork roll suggestion as well.

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            Spam goes with just about anything, esp. eggs.

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                Gyeranmalyee - Korean Rolled Omelet

                This one with spam and green onion

              2. Salami, garlic, provolone and tomatoes.

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                1. Any meats that could really compliment mushrooms

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                    That allows for lots of variations. Any particular species of mushrooms?

                  2. For me, anything pork based. Spam, treat, bacon, ham, BBQ, sausage. Goose, duck, and chicken are way off on the horizon in that order for me.

                    1. Any meat - I am the queen of loaded omelets and will throw in nearly any meat. Favorites: kielbasa, sausage, bacon, leftover turkey or chicken shredded or diced, steak, crab.

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                      1. I'm a fan of omelets made with ground pork picadillo. Chorizo and salami are also compelling choices, but those are technically also sausages.

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                          Chorizo sounds good to me. I make my own starting with boneless country ribs which is ground with a hand operated meat grinder before all the other ingredients are added. The chorizo is then shaped into patties and most of it is frozen for future use.

                        2. Anything already mentioned and while I've never had machaca in an omelet (always just scrambled in the eggs) I don't see why not.

                          Or ground beef if you wanted to turn a Joe's Special into an omelet.

                          1. Not meat, but sauteed shrimp work in an omelet.

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                                Until I enlarged your photo, I thought maybe it was Donald Trump viewed from above on a bad hair day.

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                                  You mean on a *good* hair day, right?

                              2. Smoked salmon, asparagus, mushrooms and cream cheese. Covered in Hollandaise. Yum!

                                1. I've eaten several crawfish omelts lately. Boudin is another favorite.

                                  1. Portuguese-style Linguica or Chourico is the best, in my opinion. Fry the meat first, and cook the eggs in the fantastic fat that comes off of the sausage.

                                    I also like plain, old-fashioned German-Style bologna. The kind you get at the supermarket deli. If you buy it in a chunk and then dice it, that works best.

                                    1. Anyone ever use Scrapple in an omelet?

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                                        Yes. I even suggested it to the OP upthread. Thinkin' about whether I could make one with liverwurst now. Or chicken livers. Hell, why have I never thought of makin' a chicken liver omelet before?

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                                          Chicken livers sautéed in butter are absolutely delicious in scrambled eggs....

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                                            MGZ...saute some onions first in chicken fat, then cook the chicken livers fro a minute, add a couple of eggs, and cook until desired...grew up on it for lunch on a Sunday afternoon...

                                        2. My omelet is the Italian version...frittata. All kinds of fresh or leftover meat can be included along with other ingredients. Sometimes I have a little chili leftover and that goes into the frittata.

                                          1. chili
                                            taco meat
                                            leftover Chinese food

                                            1. Our regular weekend breakfast omelet is usually bacon or ham.

                                              I throw leftovers into them a lot if it's just for me, like red beans and rice, spaghetti and whatever meat was in the sauce, smoked salmon-onions-dill, etc. I feel it's hard to ruin a savory food with an omelet or fried egg on top. I am sure I will find a gross combo one day though...

                                              +1 to the person who said crab!! That is one of my faves too.

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                                                I think that was me...crab and bacon. I think it every Saturday and Sunday for a year. I am awaiting crab season to start my habit again.

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                                                  What a delicious habit you have! We do crab and avocado or asparagus. Will def have to try with bacon!! I'm currently enjoying oyster season now. Maybe I might try them in my omelet (and may find my bad combo, haha).

                                              2. we went to breakfast at a favorite place on Sunday, well, it was actually time for brunch.
                                                anyway, I got for the first time at this place, a Spanish omelet. I always get the same thing when we go which is often, husband is even worse regarding veering off the beaten track.
                                                no meat for me as a side or otherwise because it came with their home made chili con carne smothered over the top.
                                                didn't need meat.
                                                but my husband always enjoys a burger patty or Chicken fried steak, his 2 staples.

                                                1. Can't go wrong with a good ham and cheddar omelete.

                                                  1. I can't think of any meat I wouldn't put in an omelet. That's my big use for tiny bits of leftover meat. Anything.

                                                    1. If you are in a part of the country that has Portuguese food, may I suggest some Linguica? Fry it ahead of time.

                                                      1. Chinese char siu pork with scallions

                                                        1. Roast beef, a recent facorite

                                                          1. I usually include leftover chicken or meatloaf. There are only 2 of us now so those 2 meats are often left over. My omelets are the Italian type, le frittate (that's plural).

                                                            I just noticed that I'm repeating myself. That happens often.

                                                            1. proscuitto and provolone, with basil if you've got it, yum

                                                                1. +1 on salami, and I like to fry my salami until it's nice and crispy first. Corned beef hash makes a great omelet too. Same deal- I'd fry it 'til it's heated through and has a nice bit of crust happening..

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                                                                    Hebrew National Kosher salami, sliced about 1/4" , fried first then the eggs, cooked pancake style and finished off under the broiler....

                                                                  2. Anything at all! I think an omelet is the perfect vehicle for almost any meat/veg.

                                                                    I love it with leftover steak, salmon, tuna, chicken, bologna, ... I could go on an on!!!

                                                                    I've thrown in pasta on occasion (yum). Haven't ever tried leftover rice, but I'm sure that's good too. I like either mustard or mayo beaten into the eggs as well.

                                                                    1. I missed this thread when it was first posted and I like many of the ideas here.

                                                                      The way I look at it is that any meat or protein that can go into a taco or on a bun can be used in an omelet. I like pulled pork omelets, chili dog omelets, carnitas and beans, cheese burger omelets. For low carb diets, it's easy to replace a bun or tortilla with the eggs.

                                                                      1. used to love Joe's Special (with turkey) - diced onions, ground turkey, mushrooms, and spinach.