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Mar 5, 2013 09:09 AM

Group of 16 from NYC - fun and yum?

Hello! We are a group of 16 girls from NYC going to Las Vegas for a bachelorette party. We want to have a variety of vegas foodie experiences. We have 3 dinners to plan - I am
Thinking of Raku and Sage for 2 of those nights. we will be going to a chippendales show after dinner one of those nights and need suggestions on a fun and yummy laid back place to eat where people wont look at us weird when we walk in with our clubbing outfits. For lunches, I was thinking about tacos el gordo and the wicked spoon buffet. A friend also suggested Holstein's. We are a fairly large group so any suggestions for such a party is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Is the third dinner in the same price range as the two other dinners? How much are you looking to spend for lunch? FYI, the Wicked Spoon serves brunch daily until 2:00 pm and is closed until 5:00 pm

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      The third dinner would maybe be more or less $40-$50 pp for food. Thanks for the tip on Wicked Spoon. Not sure of the exact price range for lunch but as long as it's reasonable.

    2. Trust me, with all that goes on in Vegas, no one will be looking at you weird in your "clubbing" outfits. In fact, you will be viewed as the norm rather than the exception. No matter where you go, call ahead to make sure the venue can accommodate your large group and remember that a standard gratuity will most likely be added to your bill. Have fun!