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Mar 5, 2013 08:53 AM

Leone's in Montclair, NJ - Post Kitchen Nightmare?

Have you been there post the kitchen nightmare episode? If so, how was it? At work, we are thinking of having a training there during the day. .. any thoughts? I only saw the restaurant featured on Kitchen Nightmares . .. but I worry about recurring nightmares . . .

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The two North Jersey restaurants I know to have been featured on there weren't around too much longer after. Imo, a business would only agree to be on there if they were in such bad shape that they had nothing to lose.

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        Add Blackberry's in Plainfield to the list of restaurants that failed even after Kitchen Nightmares' intervention.

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          Was one of them the restaurant in Fair Lawn? I might be confusing this one with another.

          1. re: ELA

            Two two I was aware of were the Grasshopper in Carlstadt and Bazzini in Ridgewood. Those are the only two episodes I've ever watched because they were restaurants I knew something about and was curious.

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              Campania's on Rte. 4 was the one you're thinking of. The owner was also the one who jumped off the GW. Went there one Friday night pre-KM...crowded, noisy, food was nothing to rave about...typical No NJ crowd...all in black, lots of perfume, gold jewelry (ok, ok...i'm FROM No. NJ...I can say this stuff). All in all, I would say that KM does not have a stellar track record in saving places.

          2. I went on line to look at reviews after the show last night and it looks like they have not been able to "Stay the course".
            There are so many other good restaurants in Montclair, why go to a mediocre one.

            1. This was the place with the lazy son running the place. Tried to act like he shaped up, but the truth came out. I wouldn't spend a dime in this place. Go often with co-workers to Montclair, but we always pass this up.

              1. Not sure what kind of training you're having at a restaurant, but I've trained my family to always walk past Leone's. Place is awful. If you give a few more specifics to the type of place you're looking for, plenty of options in Montclair for sure.