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Mar 5, 2013 08:33 AM

Toronto Ramen Roundup?

Hi All

Didn't see any specific topic for discussing this properly, only a number of topics dedicated to specific joints. If I missed it, moderators feel free to delete this.

Now that all the ramen places have been open for sometime, where is everyone's favorite bowl?

Personally I'd rank them as follows (have not tried Raijin) feel free to discuss :)

1. Ryoji
2. Santouka
3. Kinton
4. Sansotei
5. Momofuku
6. Kenzo
7. AOK

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  1. Not on the board, but jlunar did a roundup on her blog:

    Her top four are:

    1. Santouka
    2. Raijin
    3. Sansotei
    4. Kinton

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    1. re: TorontoJo

      Saw that - looking for everyone elses opinion!!

    2. So I'm kind of:

      1) Ryoji - Santouka (depending on the day/time of day and how I am feeling)
      2) Sansotei
      3) Kinton
      4) Everyone else (Ajisen, Kenzo, AOK, Niwatei [which is in Markham so no one is eating there anyway], never had Momofuku but I have it on good authority it sits in this category as well)

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      1. re: mnajji

        Oh ohohoho and I almost forgot (which says it all, given that I have eaten there multiple times): Raijin I would also put as Category 4. Kind of special, but way too rich. Can't do it.

        The gyozas and karaage are good value though.

        1. re: mnajji

          " which is in Markham so no one is eating there anyway"

          one of the dumbest things I've read on here in a good while.

          to keep this on topic....

          1. shio toroniku @ Santouka
          2. tantan mein @ Kingyo
          3. tonkotsu @ Sansotei

        2. I agree with the love for Santouka - still the benchmark for ramen in the city.

          1. Santouka
          2. Sansotei
          3. Raijin/Kinton
          5. Kenzo/Ajisen/Momofuku (all kind of bad, but for different reasons, the first two being oily insufferable messes, the last for tasting like nothing)

          Still haven't been to Ryoji or A-OK yet though. Has anyone tried Guu's lunch-time ramen? Where would that fit in here?

          1. I've not tried them all but from what I have tried:
            1. Sansotei
            2. Santouka
            3. Kenzo

            Excited to see Raijin ranking so highly as it's close to me but I've not yet had a chance to try it. Does it suffer from the same lineups as Sansotei and Satouka?

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            1. re: Gary

              No, Raijin is MUCH easier to get into. A bigger space, plus they take reservations.

            2. Just FYI the Ryoji guy is from Ippudo apparently.

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