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Mar 5, 2013 08:24 AM

Sinhalese food in Toronto?

I've just returned from 3 weeks in Sri Lanka and want to see how Toronto's restaurants compare. When searching for restaurants, it appears that pretty much all of the Sri Lankan places are Tamil (which I have yet to try, and am excited to try). Does anyone know of any Sinhalese places?

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  1. Hopper Hut in Scarborough. Delicious appams!

    Canbe Supermarket also serves no frills cooked food at the counter. You can also get one of those crazy sweet cream sodas from them.

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    1. re: happycamper

      I'm not well versed in Sri Lankan food but isn't Hopper Hut more Tamil Sri Lankan than Sinhalese Sri Lankan? Not that I know the difference.

      BlogTO has a write-up about best Sri Lankan but I don't know how much you should trust it:

      1. re: timeo

        Hopper Hut was among the places that people have said is Tamil, rather than Sinhalese...

        1. re: timeo

          And Canbe appears to be Indian, with a large Tamil following...

            1. re: nevrenuf

              fwiw, babu is definitely tamil-run. . .don't know if that means that you can't get sinhalese food there, but if you visit, you will very quickly know that babu catering is a tamil place. . .

      2. Try this...its a home Sinhalese friend always orders from here ...says it reminds him of home cooked food
        ..I have tried it a few times...less spicier than the Tamil places

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        1. re: warlock

          Thanks! Looks like just what I was looking for!

          1. re: emcclory

            Just a heads up though....You have to call on Friday to order and then he delivers on Sunday....Thats the only day he delivers....

            1. re: warlock

              Thanks for the tip - I tried sending an e-mail but it bounced back. Happen to know the extent of his delivery area?

              1. re: emcclory

                I know he does downtown and scarborough area....and to be honest whenever I want anything I ask my friend to order and I pick it up from my friend...Best thing would be to call him...also he does not have it showing on the the menu but he does a very stellar pork curry....which is what I order even if it is not on the menu....Now you got me craving for it :-)

                1. re: warlock

                  Thank you so much for all of the details! I'll call him for sure in the next few weeks!

          2. re: warlock

            Wow Thank you for the link warlock! I have been looking up the difference between Sinhalese and Tamil cuisine, and it seems the most distinguishing difference is the use of goraka in Singalese cooking? (


            Thank you for the suggestion. Will give it a try and report back!

            1. re: warlock

              just looked at the menu...although i can't speak to quality...selection is me...the selection at babu's rocks...crab curry's so good.....and btw, i'm mixed sinhalese and tamil...

              1. re: nevrenuf

                You’re absolutely right….It’s a very limited menu….this is a home catering style of a business….

                OP was asking for Sinhalese and I know for sure this is Sinhalese run…..

            2. I'm not sure if they are Sinhalese. But if you like Masala Dosa

              Is nice and clean, with good food.

              also Madras Palace, (the scarborough location is kind of lackluster on the decor.) But good food.


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              1. re: jayzen25

                have you been to madras palace recently? i am curious about whether it is good? i just saw some terrible reviews here so it makes me nervous:

              2. The original comment has been removed
                1. Aayubowan! Interestingly enough, this year I've just returned from 4 weeks in Sri Lanka, and although there are similarities, there are also marked differences between the Tamil and Sinhalese cuisines - I started from the south and headed towards Jaffna.
                  Have you tried Lanka Home Foods? If so, how big are the dish sizes? I would love to be able to assemble a rice and curry meal of 10 dishes or so. Sthoothi!