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Bratwurst help, please.

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I had bratwurst for the first time last week. Bought them at Emil's in Pompano. Quite frankly, I was disappointed. They had no flavor, except for the slight taste of nutmeg. I really thought they should be flavorful. Any ideas on where to buy good bratwurst?

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  1. What you think of as bratwurst depends on where you're at. The name is broad and vague. It's always fresh and it always contains pork, but that's about it for consistency. In Frankfurt, it is a fine-ground white sausage and standard schnell-imbiss (lunch-counter) fare. It is wonderful. In other locations, like in the US, it may be coarse-ground and who knows what.

    1. folks in Wisconsin swear by Johnsonville -- they're the coarser texture Sharuf alludes to.

      I boil them in a beer/water bath with sliced onions and a handful of corned beef spices, then toss on the grill to brown.

      Delicious with a little whole-grain mustard, some grilled onions and a good beer.

      1. I'm in South Miami but for real bratwurst, we go to Mainzer's, a small German deli. There must be something like this in Broward.

        1. Try Old Heidelberg on State Road 84. They have a deli adjacent to their restaurant.

          1. The real Emil's is in Deerfield, (www.european-sausage.com). They used to be in Pompano and when they relocated another sausage business moved into their old Pompano location. Emil's has excellent bratwurst and many other items. The real deal.

              1. I don't mean to come across as dismissive but, don't bother. We moved here from Switzerland and have hit all the German and Swiss deli's/butchers we could find in Broward. About the only thing they have in common with a decent brat is the shape. They vary all over the place in Germany and Switzerland as well. Like franks here. But a good one is a delight.

                Interesting the comment about Wisconsin. We did have an excellent brat at a bar in Wisconsin. Along with a lot of other really good German food.

                Ingredients are veal, pork, beef or a mixture. The term implies grilling, not content. A good veal brat is to die for.

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                  actually "brat" in German means "fry"

                  Bratpfanne (frying pan)
                  Bratkartoffel (fried potatoes)


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                    Completely agree. In Switzerland cooking bratwurst on a steel plate on a grill (the usual method) is considered grilling. Didn't know which way to go when I wrote it.