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Fancy Wheatfield Bakery to Open in Former Victoria Pastry Sapce [San Francisco]

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It appears Fancywheat Field Bakery will soon open at Stockton and Vallejo in the space that used to host Victoria Pastry (which moved to Filbert and Powell not long ago). I can only assume it's a branch of the bakery of the same name on San Bruno Ave. in the Excelsior district, which Jonathan Kauffman described as a Sheng Kee clone in this review:


Any experience with Fancy Wheatfield Bakery on San Bruno, particularly with savories?

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  1. I thought their macao dan tat were pretty good. Other stuff I tried was adequate given the price.

    I would mostly keep thinking "Isnt Wheatfield an Intel processor?"

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      Sounds worth checking out. I haven't found a Macao-style dan ta locally that was even as good as the ones served at KFC in China.

      1. re: soupçon

        Mr. Soupcon:

        KFC is probably an apt comparison for some of the "savory" items ... like I thought the ham+egg-croissants were ok ... like a slightly better than egg-mcmuffin for pretty cheap.

        Is the bakery near Irving and 9th a SHENG KEE?
        Has anybody else tried the TUNA DONUT from there? I found that to be pretty good in a horrible kind of way.