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Mar 5, 2013 07:18 AM

Vernick: Pre Opera?

I've wanted to try Vernick for some time. We have tickets to the opera at 8PM on a Friday. What do you think about reservations at Vernick at 6PM? Is the service typically good? Thank you!

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  1. The service is great, but it's not an in-and-out place. It would be tight, I think, especially if you are a start, entree, dessert kind of person.

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    1. re: MelG12

      Thank you, I guess we'll saver it for a night when we can linger. What do you think about Barbuzzo? We've been to Fish, Estia, and Amis. Thank you!

      1. re: DaisyM

        I was thinking about this post the other night when I dined at Vernick. Had a 5;30 reservation (Thursday not Friday) which is two hours earlier than I normally like to dine but the only reservation I could obtain. Concentrating on the raw, veggies and small plates we were able to share six plates over the course of 75 minutes, and it probably could have been faster had we ordered all at once. The dishes that take the longest are the large plates. Things like the toasts, the raw and most of small dishes are relativley fast to prepare. Highlights of the meal were the spanish octopus and the chicken liver toast. Wonderful place and love sitting on the second floor right by the window when they are open.

        1. re: cwdonald

          Tell me about the steps to upstairs. I have a friend who is worried she may have a problem.
          We all happen to like window tables though.

          1. re: arepo

            Most of the tables are up a flight of stairs. There are only a few tables downstairs, in the back. You can request downstairs when you reserve if there is a table available.

            1. re: sylviag

              How many steps are we talking about? A full flight of steep steps or some steps?
              What must elderly people do? Eat downstairs only?

              1. re: arepo

                Ten stairs, a landing them another 10. Wooden. Bit slippery, as I slipped coming down them. Do not know if there is an elevator or not. The kitchen is downstairs and the food is constantly being run upstairs.

                1. re: cwdonald

                  Uh oh! That's a lot of steps.
                  Guess this place caters to a yuppie crowd or gym oriented middle-agers.

                  1. re: arepo

                    I guess the stairs could be difficult for some, and I'm not sure whether there is an elevator, but 1) as someone said, there are a few tables downstairs; and 2) my 70-something parents are neither yuppies, gym-oriented, nor middle-aged, and had no problem walking up the stairs and enjoying an excellent meal at Vernick.