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Mar 5, 2013 07:12 AM

Has anyone tried Martinique Bistro on Magazine?

maybe for Sunday dinner?

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  1. Their food is solid, if unremarkable....though, it has been more than a year since I last visited. The courtyard is it's best attribute, so, if you do go, make sure it's going to be a nice evening and sit outside.

    1. I recommend it highly. Chef Eric has a well-executed menu with a variety of choices, soups always a high point for me. Well-chosen wine list. The courtyard is "weather-proof", i.e., covered and has heaters if need be. Go, you'll be happy you did.

      1. We live in Berkeley, but get to New Orleans once if not twice a year, and have for the last decade (save one cancelled trip due to K). Haven't been there is a few years . . . liked it enough when we were there (and the courtyard IS the way to go!), but it didn't make the "must go back" list.

        To elaborate -- we haven't gone back *not* because we didn't like it, but simply because there are so many other places we haven't gotten to yet and/or want to go back to (more than we wanted to go back to Martinique Bistro).

        Hope that makes sense . . .

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          I would agree that as a visitor, I wouldn't go there ahead of any number of other places. But if the poster lives in town, by all means, go!

          1. re: sanglier

            Absolutely! If I lived in NOLA, it would definitely be one of the places I would keep on my list of places to go . . .

        2. went last year during Jazzfest- pleasant location, tasty but not outstanding. a good spot but not my favorite.