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Mar 5, 2013 07:08 AM

Low cal coffee cake recipe

I just fond out I have to take a sweet to a brunch birthday party. Everything I find has lots of butter,eggs and sour cream .
Does anyone have a good go to recipe that tastes good and is low cal? Does it exist?

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  1. Does it have to be a "coffee cake" or can it be any kind of sweet breakfast cake? Coffee cakes, which typically have a streusel topping, are necessarily going to be higher in calories than a loaf or bundt cake with no topping at all. A French yoghurt cake, omitting any glaze, for example would be lower in calories than a traditional coffee cake. Also, you can reduce the calories by substituting Splenda for 1/2 of the sugar in just about any cake recipe without affecting the cake structure.

    Let us know if you would like recipes.

    1. Yes, to elaborate on what masha said...are you looking to reduce fat calories or sugar calories?

      A lot of times, things that reduce fat become sugar bombs, and reduced sugar recipes add real butter, sour cream etc, to add richness.

      So let us know any dietary preferences/restrictions about what can and can't go it (is fruit okay? is any dairy okay?)


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        I would like to reduce the fat content,and it has to go with the usual items,egg casserole and fruit.

      2. Here are 2 recipes that are lower in fat than a standard coffee cake although they both certainly have calories.

        Blueberry Ricotta Coffee cake,, which uses non-fat ricotta cheese. Note that it gives you the option of using butter or oil for the shortening for the "crumbs." While both are fats, by using canola oil, you are at least eliminating cholesterol. Also note that I always make this recipe with skim milk (the only kind I keep on hand) and that works fine.

        Dorie Greenspan's French Yoghurt Cake, To keep the fat content reduced, you will probably want to use just flour, rather than a mix of flour & ground almonds, where that option is proposed. I've made this with lowfat yoghurt without any problem. Note that if your only concern is fat content, then you could apply the glaze, as it is fat-free. I serve the cake without any glaze at all, and it tastes fine.

        Both recipes call for 3 eggs. If you really trying to reduce fat, I suppose you use an egg substitute for at least one of the eggs.

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          I too have made the french yoghurt cake w/ low fat problem. I used Clotilde's recipe here:

          It's not out of control great or anything, but it turned out pretty with the addition of some crystalized orange peel and a nice antique cake place.


          I haven't made this particular recipes, but I haven't had a thing from the skinnytaste website that wasn't really good.

          1. I would suggest something yeasted. Lots of sticky buns can be made lower fat, although there's plenty of sugar nececessary to make them sticky.

            I have made several times a "yeasted coffee cake w/ poppy seed filling" from Martha STewart. I have googled the hell out of it , and only landed:

            and this google books link that has pics of how to do it, but the recipe is blanked out

            It's beautiful presentation if you don't mind having to cut slices. Still it's 2 sticks of butter, but it makes 2 cakes.

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              I love this idea,looking forward to trying many of these....thanks