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Mar 5, 2013 06:58 AM

Brunch at The NoMad

So I know I have reported back on brunch at the NoMad before but I thought this recent trip warranted another "review" because I fought off temptation and ordered something other than the chicken sandwich (don't worry, turns out it was a great idea).

So we started with a couple of their signature bloody's, a sherry and a Caeser, and as always they were excellent. I asked for an opinion on something other than the chicken sandwich and Justin suggested the flatbread, at first I thought, meh, but I risked it and ordered it. At the insistance of my girlfriend I also order a fruits de mer for myself (more on that later). GF ordered the quiche.

So I get my fruit de mer and let me just say this was the fruit de mer that people are always raving about, in the past I have liked the FDM but never really gushed about it, this example changed all that, it was, IMO, perfection, King Crab with avacado, lobster salad, hamachi with horseradish, scallop with pistachio, a single perfect oyster, and the uni custard (had the custard at EMP also and it's just addictive), I was honestly tempted to order another one immediately. Then came the mains, GF had a beautiful hunk of quiche with these ridiculously good little potatoes, she said the quiche was wonderful and very filling. My flatbread came out on a wood tray and it was so wonderfully rustic looking, nice and hot from the oven, fat and fluffy with a nice crust around the edges creating a "resevoir" for the two soft and runny eggs with bacon and potatoes mingling about, add to that the bite from the mustard and this was maybe the perfect breakfast/brunch food ever. I realised quickly that my tastebuds were bigger than my stomach because we also had a side of the truffled squash and I had some smoked pork belly because you can just never have too much pork (or so I thought). We gave it a good run for the money but I had to say uncle with a little of the flatbread left.

The service this time was without a doubt the best we have had at brunch (not to suggest it has ever been bad because it hasn't), so I think they definately have settled in and now have the ability to tweak it here and there as needed.

Can't wait to get back in but now I'll be forced with making choices from this point on...

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  1. Thanks for the great report! I definitely need to make a return visit to The NoMad for brunch (still want to try the chicken sandwich, but the flatbread sounds great too!). Are they still using the dessert cart with the wonderful Kouign Amann?

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      I believe they are BUT when asked about dessert we had to politely decline.

      1. re: ellenost

        Yes, I met up with some friends for drinks after their brunch there yesterday. They were absolutely stuffed from having a full brunch and the kouign amann.

      2. I was just there for brunch last weekend and couldn't take myself away from that glorious chicken sandwich but that flat bread sounds delicious! I am kicking myself however...I wanted to get the fruit de mer (I've always loved the way they do it) but I thought it would be too much food so I went for the fries instead....delicious fries but no comparison.

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          Guess you'll just have to plan a return visit...

        2. I'm not a big fan of the chicken sandwich. I'll be returning based on what you had ordered other than the chicken sandwich. Thanks for the report.