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Mar 5, 2013 06:44 AM


Chowhounders, is Woodlot still really good?

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  1. I ate there a few times in December and January. And many times previous. Never anything short of wonderful - cozy, delicious, friendly. A favourite.

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    1. re: peppermint pate

      Agreed. Took my in-laws to dinner in February, had a great time.

      They loved the whole meal, but said they could live on the onion soup and bread basket!

      Had a nice starter of oysters.

      The pot pie in regular and vegan form was well received.

      My one minor disappointment was the desert, a semifreddo. Wasn't crazy about the texture and basically had just been hoping for their excellent bread pudding.

      1. re: Pantz

        Agreed. The mushroom salad alone is enough for me to return.

        We had an excellent meal there and loved the vibe.

        If it was closer to home I'd be a regular for sure.

      2. re: peppermint pate

        We eat at Woodlot on a regular basis from both the vegetarian and the regular menu. I've rarely had any service issues and I can't remember ever being disappointed with my meal. I find the staff to be very friendly and attentive. The biggest problem is that I can't always get a table when I walk in.

      3. thanks! Just what I am looking for!

        1. Just had dinner there this weekend Good bread. Delicious soup and mushroom salad. I ordered the pork chop, but I ended up coveting my mum's mushroom/TVP pie after I had a taste, especially with the housemade ketchup. Interestingly enough, all vegetarian dishes were all overseasoned, whereas the meat dishes were all underseasoned (for my taste)

          Dessert was meh -- gingerbread millefeuille with wine-poached pear. Great texture, but too sweet and too much buttercream.

          Service ranged from friendly/accommodating to disinterested. They took a long time to serve up our mains. Two tables that ordered after us got their mains before us.

          I'd go back for the soup, salad, and pie and to try the meat tourtiere and all the pastas, but the service was uneven.

          1. overrated . ive only been once back in the summer.
            the service was apathetic. didnt get served our food for 45 minutes and the waiter didnt care. didnt say a thing.
            i ordered a steak. it was really good, but for the price, it aint not thang.

            1. Have only been once, so unsure what is used to be like. Sadly, my one visit was not a very good one. Upon finishing my overpriced, mediocre-at-best meal (gnocchi), I had this nagging feeling I had 'been had!'
              I ordered the large bowl of gnocchi, someone else at my table ordered the app, or small bowl of it- when they turned up to the table- they were both exactly the same size. The only difference is that mine cost double the amount (just under $20 for it!).
              When I asked the waiter about this, the only response I got was that the chefs 'carefully portion out the dishes,' and assured me that my order was bigger (despite it being in front of me and the rest of the table agreed with me. Anyway, not a huge deal, but certainly not a way to disregard a customers issue/request.

              The room is certainly cozy and a great place to eat/hang out; however, for the price and slight smugness of the place, I certainly will not be going back

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              1. re: zeppelinrules

                Very meh place overall
                Probably good for old people and the bread is pretty great but there are many more exciting choices in Toronto

                1. re: disgusti

                  I find 'old people' are more particular than others. IMO LESS likely to accept "meh".

                  1. re: estufarian

                    I mean the atmosphere more than the quality of the food , it's fine just not very interesting

                    1. re: disgusti

                      That's OK. My tongue is firmly in my gums!

                    1. re: disgusti

                      Good for 'old people'. What is it about the place and old people that make them suited for each other? I find your comment quite odd.

                      If anything the noise level in that place makes it not suitable for old people, or any people for that matter.

                        1. re: disgusti

                          Hmmm ok I had better not tell my old friends to go there because they are anything but boring nor do they like boring places.