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Mar 5, 2013 06:15 AM

Looking for everyday dishes....porcelain?

I am looking into replacing our everyday dishes from Pflatsgraph. I have found a nice blue and white pattern from Horchow which I really like. These dishes are listed as being porcelain. Are porcelain dishes usually reserved for formal dining? Any feedback is much appreciated.

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  1. Is this the set you're looking at? If so, it's lovely.

    I'm afraid I don't have an answer for you. I actually need to know, myself! I'm trying to figure out what to put on my registry....

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      Yes, that is the set. We found this set after a very exhaustive search based on the color pattern we wanted. Our current nine year old Pflatsgraph set has met its demise. We have young children (who usually use their plastic dishes) but still need something that is durable and designed for everyday usage.

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        You might find more of a selection if you spell Pfaltzgraff correctly (not being a spelling nazi; just trying to help w/search).

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          That IS a really lovely set! It doesn't look too formal to me. I'd use it every day. :)

      2. <Are porcelain dishes usually reserved for formal dining? >

        I would say the formality of any dishware would depend not only on the material, but also on the pattern. Is it a formal-looking pattern? Even then, the only question that really needs to be answered is "Do I want to eat on these every day?"

        I think a lot of the formal/informal meme was more about not serving a special-occasion meal on the same chipped and stained dishes that our kids ate their Spaghettio-s on. My feeling is that if you love it, it should be used often, not hidden away for special dinners.

        All of my dishware is plain white porcelain. Food looks great on it, and I can dress it up or down with table decor. An added bonus? It doesn't get hot in the microwave. If I reheat food on a plate, the plate edges stay cool. Same with cups of soup, the handle stays cool.

        1. Spode China is the day to day stuff. Villeroy and Boch and Limoges for a change of pace. There will be breakage. That is why there is eBay and Replacements Ltd.

          And my Grandmother's sterling is used every day. What are you saving it for? To impress the people at your wake?

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            I am thinking that this particular pattern is not too formal. Unfortunately, I am unable to tell how thick these dishes are. Finding them in a store has not been possible.

          2. My everyday dishes are porcelain, plain white from Crate & Barrel.. Porcelain is a stronger clay body than stoneware, which is why it can be made so much thinner (think dainty teacups). Porcelain dishes aren't necessarily thinner, but hold up really well for daily use & the dish washer. I have chips in my one remaining ceramic plate, but none in the porcelain.

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            1. re: Betty

              +1 on the durability.

              I've had my porcelain for 5 yrs and have broken only 1 piece, a soup mug that I carelessly set on a cast iron range burner grate, not realizing it was still really hot. Granted, I make my grandsons use plastic, but hubs and I aren't especially careful with it; it's been banged about a bit. Mine's open stock from Pier 1, so I don't worry much if a piece should break, but so far.... :)

            2. If you can, I'd recommend buying just the platter or gravy boat to see if the piece seems sturdy enough for your use. If you want to proceed, you can order a set. Or if you don't, you can send the one piece back.

              You can choose whatever you want for your every day china. If you love it, can afford it, and it seems suitable for your use, then I don't know why you wouldn't want to use every day.

              Do understand though, that the stuff will not last forever. All china or porcelain will chip and or break over time, unless you handle it very carefully.