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Mar 5, 2013 05:58 AM

Morristown restaurant recommendations

We will be in Morristown in a few weeks and looking for a place to have dinner. Like pretty much all food, but looking for something interesting/special. I saw Blue Morel and thought that could fit the bill. Anyone have any experience there?
Any other places to recommend?
Any and all input appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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  1. Well, there's many...and Morristown is a very nice town.

    But, that said, Blue Morel is my top choice in Morristown. It's a farm-to-table place -- and usually has a very diverse, and always interesting menu. I highly recommend it. Thomas Ciszak is an excellent chef and consistently puts out top notch food -- taste, flavor, you name it -- top notch in every category. If this fits the bill as to what you are looking for...then go! If it doesn't, reconsider and then go! LOL.

    A few others -- Sebastian's (The Steakhouse), Rod's Steak and Grill, Hibiscus, Portofino's, the Famished Frog, and Roots Steakhouse.

    1. We had dinner at Origins a couple of Saturdays ago. Food (upscale Thai/fusion) is quite good--but service bordered on the hostile. Reservations are necessary.

      1. The big question in Morristown is liquor license or no liquor license. Your choices are much more limited with one. That said, Blue Morel is very, very good. The menu tends to be pretty creative, so it's good for adventurous diners. Sebastian's Steakhouse is also very good - Steakhouse with an Italian flair. Without a license I like Marjan Persian Grill on Speedwell Ave. and Pamir on South St.