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Mar 5, 2013 05:41 AM

Food shopping in Catonsville

I will be visiting and am looking for a source for good quality seafood, veg, and bread for a special dinner. There really won't be enough time to drive into Baltimore, so I'd appreciate suggestions in the immediate area. TIA

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  1. In the heart of Catonsville is a full service restaurant, Catonsville Gourmet, which has a fine selection of carry-out seafood entrees with accompanying vegetables. A few doors away is Atwater's for delicious homemade breads, pastries, soups and coffees. Across the street is Sugarbaker's bakery--awesome desserts. FoiGras

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    1. hmart or lotte for seafood and veggies. atwater's for bread. i haven't had good experiences with catonsville gourmet, which is a restaurant that does sell raw fish. if you can make it over to ellicott city, jw treuths has some nice, fresh seafood.

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