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Chinese Pancakes in San Francisco

mmm... pancakes

Green onion and chive pancakes aside, the list of SF places with pancakes and other fried breads for comparison seem to be:

Beijing Restaurant (2 locations): http://beijingrestaurant.us/menu-bj-d... , at the Alemany location perhaps the other, they also have a "Beijing omelette" AKA jian bing
House of Pancakes
Xiao Long Bao on Clement
Old Mandarin
Kingdom of Dumpling & King of Noodles & Shandong Deluxe

Most of these places only have a beef pancake and a sesame pancake, but Beijing and House of Pancakes have several other. Any other places?

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  1. Xiao Long Bao also carries these pancakes:
    1. shrimp, chives, egg vermicelli
    2. scallion
    3. pork & bok choy

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      Another 'hound sent me this link for _Pancake: A Global History_ and I thought it was right up your alley. :)

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        thanks! Very true: "The pancake is a treasured food the world over"! Now I have to also return to see why pane went wild over the egg and onion pancake.

    2. Z & Y, Potsticker and Szechuan Cuisine Uncle Cafe have a pancake with beef on their appetizer menus. It's a wrap style.

      1. Dong Bei Mama also has a beef pancake that is to die for.

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          Is that the type that has dough wrapped around ground beef in a flat disc then panfried? Or a crispy layered pancake that has been cooked and then wrapped around slices of beef burrito-style?

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            It's actually slices of beef (rather than ground), along with cucumber, cilantro, and I believe hoisin. I think it might be wrapped burrito style. There are some good photos of it if you look at Google Images.

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              Thanks, here's our chowpal Pei's photo on her website,

              That's the style served at Z&Y et al I mentioned above as a wrap.

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                Beijing Restaurant's beef pancakes are flat:

        2. A couple more -

          Little Beijing, though it has been some years since my last time there.

          and nearby, Peking Restaurant.

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          1. Chili House at 726 Clement St (relatively new restaurant) serves an excellent rolled up, burrito style beef pancake. It, as Atomica describes the Dong Bei Mama version, has sliced beef, cilantro, scallions, and hoisin sauce.

            1. As of 2 weeks ago there were no pancake dishes on the menu at DBM

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                Seriously? This is one of their signature dishes. It isn't very obvious the way they list it on their menu. I cant believe they'd take it off.

              2. A list of the pancakes at House of Pancake is in this thread: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8900...

                Beijing Restaurant's "Beijing style stired fried pancake with sliced pork" is a cool spin on pancakes--- they take the bing dough, cut it into tagliatelle-width ribbons, and stir fry it along with cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, green onion, and pork. It's not especially saucy or oily, and it tasted like there was a small amount of hoisin sauce. Delicious. Pancake chewiness minus the crunch.

                1. Looking through a takeout menu from Happy Golden Bowl in El Cerrito, they have:

                  Flat sesame bread with beef: 燒餅夾肉 (shao bing jia rou )
                  Beef pastie: 牛肉餡餅 (niu rou xian bing)
                  Sesame pancake 芝麻大餅 (zhima dabing)

                  I like their Zhi ma da bing better than the ones I've had at Darda and House of Pancakes. Some mentions of it at a Chowdown: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/888979

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                    If you're willing to go outside the City limits, there are many, many more.

                  2. "wineguy7" has found another one on Irving St, i-wonton.

                    Despite the name, wonton seems to be a minor player on the menu.

                    And 10% off coupon until April 1

                    1. Five Happiness on Geary in SF has four types of pancakes and fried breads on their Sunday "Chinese breakfast" order sheet, three of which I couldn't find on their English menu. In the upper left corner of the order sheet are listed:

                      7. 牛肉餡餅 (1) $5.95 [niu rou xian bing , a beef pancake]
                      15. 油酥燒餅(1) $1.65 [yousu shao bing, a small fried sesame bread]
                      16. 牛肉燒餅 (1) $3.50 [niu rou shao bing, a small fried sesame bread sandwich with beef inside]

                      The green onion pancake (#6, 蔥油餅 cong you bing), which are also listed on the English menu, are awesome. They're thick, the outside is crispy, and there's a chewy interior with lots of green onion flavor.

                      My friend instructed me to turn the sesame bread into a sandwich by filling it with Chinese doughnut sticks (#14 you tiao) and dipping it in sweetened soybean milk (#13 doujiang). I can't eat soy milk, so that sandwich was a bit dry. The sesame bread itself was a bit heavy, but the doughnut was good.

                      The beef filled sesame bread was pretty good. The beef was sliced.

                      1. As I've been unable to find one in SF, I grabbed a Dan Bing (egg pancake) at Shanghai Restaurant in Oakland Chinatown.

                        They essentially fried an egg into a packaged Chinese pancake and rolled the product up with some sauce. The search continues...

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                        1. Chowhound chandavkl did an expose on "Shandong beef rolls":


                          I have little understanding of how Chinese, or any restaurant, sources and prepare their food so this wasn't all that surprising. At least the dough is hand made for these Shandong beef rolls... I'd assumed a lot of places serving only one or two kinds of pancakes were getting the same crappy ones I've bought from Ranch 99 or the frozen ones from Kingdom of Dumpling.