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May 2, 2006 10:29 PM

LA to Modesto- highway 5 and 99- recs???

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Hi all:

I am traveling from LA to Modesto, using highway 5 one way and 99 the other way. Other than Harris Ranch, are there any good lunch places???



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  1. A while back, someone has mentioned an indian restaurant, it is at one of the junctions, Kingman? I believe they have a large sign posted at the freeway, close to the exit. If you search back some of the posts you might be able to findit. Travel that way many times, but never stopped, too hot and always in a hurry.

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      I believe that you're referring to the Indian restaurant at the Buttonwillow offramp on I-5. Here's a review
      that I totally agree with; food was bland and pricey.
      At the same offramp is a decent BBQ place (can't remember name) in a sea of the usual fast food junk.
      OTOH search for 'Titas' which is in the actual town of Buttonwillow a few miles to the west.
      The I-5 Westley offramp has a good non-chain Mexican place but watch out for the 'cubano' sandwich which is central Mexico style, not Cuban.

    2. I wasn't driving but I think we took Hwy 99.

      Pho Viet Restaurant-Chinese and Vietnamese food
      900 Kansas Ave #B
      Modesto, CA 95351
      Open 8:30am-8pm

      below linked is my review w/ pics


      1. Woolgrowers in Los Banos.

        Also, check out Noriega's and the other Basque places in Bakersfield.

        1. Assuming you are looking for fairly easy freeway access, there's Sal's in Selma for a "fancy" or Karl's special (braised short ribs) burrito, in downtown Fresno the Old Basque Hotel, Yosemite Falls resto just west of Ashlan Ave exit, or In-N-Out just east on Shaw Ave.

          1. Highway 99 - South

            1. DalaHouse restaurant - Main Street - Kingsburg, Highway 99 for morning Swedish pancakes or their Swedish special lunch. You can also pick up other Swedish food stuffs there too. Kingsburg is a Swedish themed town with the large water tower paitned Swedish Coffee Pot visible from Highway 99.

            2. The last of the Big Orange drive-ins (sad and broken as it is, it remains popular) near Fairmead on Highway 99 - fresh squeeze orange juice and orange shakes.